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pbs_runjob(3B)			      PBS			pbs_runjob(3B)

       pbs_runjob - run	a pbs batch job

       #include	<pbs_error.h>
       #include	<pbs_ifl.h>

       int pbs_runjob(int connect, char	*job_id, char *location, char *extend)

       int  pbs_asyrunjob(int connect, char *job_id, char *location, char *ex-

       Issue a batch request to	run a batch job.

       For pbs_runjob()	a "Run Job" batch request is generated and sent	to the
       server  over  the  connection  specified	by connect which is the	return
       value of	pbs_connect().	The server will	reply when the job has started
       execution unless	file in-staging	is required.  In that case, the	server
       will reply when the staging operations are started.

       For pbs_asyrunjob() an "Asynchronous Run	Job" request is	generated  and
       set  to	the  server over the connection.  The server will validate the
       request and reply before	initiating the execution of  the  job.	  This
       version	of the call can	be used	to reduce latency in scheduling, espe-
       cially when the scheduler must start a large number of jobs.

       These requests requires that the	issuing	user have operator or adminis-
       trator privilege.

       The argument, job_id, identifies	which job is to	be run it is specified
       in the form: sequence_number.server

       The argument, location, if not the null pointer or null string,	speci-
       fies  the  location  where  the job should be run.  The location	is the
       name of a host in the the cluster managed by the	server.

       The argument, extend, is	reserved  for  implementation  defined	exten-

       qrun(8B), qsub(1B), and pbs_connect(3B)

       When the	batch request generated	by the pbs_runjob() or pbs_asyrunjob()
       functions has been completed successfully by a batch server,  the  rou-
       tines  will  return 0 (zero).  Otherwise, a non zero error is returned.
       The error number	is also	set in pbs_errno.

Local								pbs_runjob(3B)


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