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pbs_movejob(3B)			      PBS		       pbs_movejob(3B)

       pbs_movejob - move a pbs	batch job to a new destination

       #include	<pbs_error.h>
       #include	<pbs_ifl.h>

       int pbs_movejob(int connect, char *job_id, char *destination,
       char *extend)

       Issue  a	 batch request to move a job to	a new destination.  The	job is
       removed from the	present	queue and instantiated in a new	queue.

       A Move Job batch	request	is generated and sent to the server  over  the
       connection  specified  by connect which is the return value of pbs_con-

       The job_id parameter identifies which job is to be moved; it is	speci-
       fied in the form: sequence_number.server

       The  destination	 parameter  specifies the new destination for the job.
       It is specified as: [queue][@server].  If destination is	a null pointer
       or a null string, the destination will be the default queue at the cur-
       rent server.  If	destination specifies a	queue but not  a  server,  the
       destination will	be the named queue at the current server.  If destina-
       tion specifies a	server but not a queue,	the destination	 will  be  the
       default	queue  at  the	named server.  If destination specifies	both a
       queue and a server, the destination is that queue at that server.

       A job in	the Running , Transiting , or Exiting state cannot be moved.

       The parameter, extend, is reserved for  implementation  defined	exten-

       qmove(1B), qsub(1B), and	pbs_connect(3B)

       When  the  batch	 request  generated by pbs_movejob() function has been
       completed successfully by a batch server, the  routine  will  return  0
       (zero).	 Otherwise, a non zero error is	returned.  The error number is
       also set	in pbs_errno.

Local							       pbs_movejob(3B)


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