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pbs_manager(3B)			      PBS		       pbs_manager(3B)

       pbs_manager - administrator a pbs batch object

       #include	<pbs_error.h>
       #include	<pbs_ifl.h>

       int pbs_manager(int connect, int	command, int obj_type, char *obj_name,
       struct attropl *attrib, char *extend)

       Issue  a	batch request to perform administration	functions at a server.
       With this request server	objects	such as	 queues	 can  be  created  and
       deleted,	and have their attributes set and unset.

       A  Manage  batch	 request  is generated and sent	to the server over the
       connection specified by connect which is	the return value  of  pbs_con-
       nect().	This request requires full batch administrator privilege.

       The  parameter,	command,  specifies the	operation to be	performed, see
	   #define MGR_CMD_CREATE 0
	   #define MGR_CMD_DELETE 1
	   #define MGR_CMD_SET	  2
	   #define MGR_CMD_UNSET  3

       The parameter, obj_type,	declares the type of  object  upon  which  the
       command operates, see pbs_ifl.h:
	   #define MGR_OBJ_SERVER  0
	   #define MGR_OBJ_QUEUE   1

       The parameter, obj_name,	is the name of the specific object.

       The  parameter,	attrib,	is a pointer to	an attropl structure which are
       defined in pbs_ifl.h as:

	   struct attropl {
	       char   *name;
	       char   *resource;
	       char   *value;
	       enum batch_op op;
	       struct attropl *next;

       The attrib list is terminated by	the first entry	where next is  a  null

       The name	member points to a string which	is the name of the attribute.

       If the attribute	is one which contains a	set of resources, the specific
       resource	is specified in	the structure member resource.	Otherwise, the
       member resource is pointer to a null string.

       The  value  member points to a string which is the new value of the at-

       The op member defines the manner	in which the new value is assigned  to
       the  attribute.	 The  operators	 are: enum batch_op { ..., SET,	UNSET,
       INCR, DECR };

       The parameter extend is reserved	for implementation defined extensions.

       Functions MGR_CMD_CREATE	and MGR_CMD_DELETE require PBS Manager	privi-
       lege.   Functions  MGR_CMD_SET and MGR_CMD_UNSET	require	PBS Manager or
       Operator	privilege.

       qmgr(1B)	and pbs_connect(3B)

       When the	batch request generated	by  pbs_manager()  function  has  been
       completed  successfully	by  a  batch server, the routine will return 0
       (zero).	Otherwise, a non zero error is returned.  The error number  is
       also set	in pbs_errno.

Local							       pbs_manager(3B)


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