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Pbmtog3	User Manual(0)					Pbmtog3	User Manual(0)

       pbmtog3 - convert a PBM image into a Group 3 MH fax file

       pbmtog3 [-reversebits] [-nofixedwidth] [-align8|-align16] [pbmfile]

       This program is part of Netpbm(1).

       pbmtog3	reads  a PBM image as input and	produces a Group 3 MH fax file
       as output.

       You can also generate a TIFF file that uses the same  encoding  inside,
       with pamtotiff.

       There is	no program in Netpbm that generates other fax formats, such as
       MR and MMR, but pamtotiff can generate TIFF files that use those	encod-

	      This option causes the output to have the	bits in	every byte re-
	      versed so	the least significant bit becomes the most significant
	      bit.  Apparently,	there is some ambiguity	in transmission	proto-
	      cols so that the bits get	reversed  on  transmission,  and  this
	      compensates  for	that.	If  you	get a whole bunch of "bad code
	      word" messages when you try to  read  the	 G3  file  (e.g.  with
	      g3topbm),	try using this option.	Note that the output is	not G3
	      when you use this	option.

	      Most fax machines	expect the image to be 1728 columns  wide,  so
	      pbmtog3  cuts  the output	to this	width by default.  If you want
	      to keep the width	of the original	image, use this	option.

	      This option was new in Netpbm 10.6 (July	2002).	 Before	 that,
	      pbmtog3 always kept the width of the original image.


	      These options say	to align output	rows to	8-bit or 16-bit	bound-
	      aries, respectively, by adding padding  bits  in	front  of  EOL

	      Without  these options, pbmtog3 adds no padding and rows may be-
	      gin and ends anywhere within a byte.

	      You cannot specify both.

	      These options were new in	Netpbm 10.79 (June 2017).

       g3topbm(1), pamtotiff(1), pbm(5)	fax formats(1)

       Before Netpbm 10.79 (June 2017),	there was a different program  by  the
       same  name  in Netpbm, which was	written	by by Paul Haeberli <paul@man-> in 1989 and	then modified extensively by others.

       Akira Urushibata	<> wrote the current version, with an
       entirely	different algorithm, in	April 2017 and contributed his work to
       the public domain.

       The current program is backward compatible with the pre-10.79 version.

       This manual page	was generated by the Netpbm tool 'makeman'  from  HTML
       source.	The master documentation is at

netpbm documentation		 20 April 2017		Pbmtog3	User Manual(0)


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