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PBI_ADD(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual		    PBI_ADD(1)

     pbi_add --	Install	a PBI file

     pbi_add [-e] [-f] [-g] [-i] [-l] [-r] [-R]	[-v] [--checkscript]
	     [--licagree] [--no-checksig] [--no-checksum] [--no-hash]
	     [--repo repoid] [--rArch arch] [--rVer version] [pbi]

     The utility, pbi_add, installs, extracts or displays information from a
     pbi file packaged with pbi_create.

     The pbi_add command may execute scripts or	programs contained within a
     PBI file. Your system may be susceptible to 'trojan horses' or other sub-
     tle attacks from malicious	developers who create dangerous	pbi files.

     You are advised to	verify the competence and identify of those who	pro-
     vide PBI files. For extract protection, use the -e	and --checkscript op-
     tions to view archive contents and	installation scripts prior to in-
     stalling a	PBI file.

     -e	     Extract only, do not install. Will	extract	the archive to
	     ~/<pbidirname> unless the -o option is used.

     -f	     Force installation, overwriting an	already	installed copy of the

     -g	     Extract image data	from header commonly used for GUI installa-

     -i	     Display information about this PBI	file

     -l	     Display LICENSE information for this PBI file.

     -o	outdir
	     Specify the directory to use when only extracting the PBI with

     -r	     Fetch and install the PBI file from the update server. The	system
	     architecture and version will be automatically determined to
	     fetch the correct file.

     -R	     Fetch the install file from the update server, do not install.
	     The system	architecture and version will be automatically deter-
	     mined to fetch the	correct	file.

     -v	     Enable verbose output

	     Display any custom	scripts	used in	the installation / removal of
	     this PBI file.  Recommended that these be checked if the PBI file
	     is	suspect	in any way.

	     Agree to LICENSE terms and	conditions which may be	required for
	     installation.  Viewing the	license	can be done with -l flag

	     Skip the openssl signature	verification of	the PBI	data

	     Skip the checksum verification of the archive data.

	     Disable using the shared-hash dir,	which uses hard-links to share
	     files between applications	which are the same.

     --repo repoid
	     When using	-r to fetch a remote PBI, the --repo flag may be used
	     to	pick a specific	repo to	use. If	not specified, then the	repos
	     will be searched by priority until	a PBI match is found. Repo IDs
	     may be found with the pbi_listrepo	command.

     --rArch arch
	     When using	-r to fetch and	install	a PBI, the machine architec-
	     ture is detected automatically. Using the -rArch <arch> flag al-
	     lows you to manually specify the PBI arch type you	wish to	in-
	     stall, typically set to i386/amd64.

     --rVer version
	     When using	-r to fetch and	install	a PBI, the most	recent version
	     of	that application is the	default. Using the -rVer <version>
	     flag allows you to	specify	a different version to install.	A
	     listing of	available applications and versions is found with
	     'pbi_info -i'.  used.

     For details about the module format, please refer to the wiki guide:

     pbi_add(1), pbi_delete(1),	pbi_makeport(1)

BSD				 Apr 15, 2010				   BSD


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