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PARROT_NCI_THUNK_GEN(1User Contributed Perl DocumentatiPARROT_NCI_THUNK_GEN(1)

       parrot_nci_thunk_gen - Create Parrot NCI	thunks

	   parrot_nci_thunk_gen	[option] -o output_c_file.c < input_signature_list.nci

       This utility creates C file of routines suitable	for use	as Parrot
       Native Call Interface thunks.

   Command line	Options
       To print	help message and exit use :


       To print	version	number of this utility use :


       Not to complain about duplicated	signatures (default is to warn)	use :


       To output a thunk file suitable for inclusion in	Parrot core (default
       is no) use :


       To use default values for loader-name, loader-storage-class, and	target
       suitable	for use	in Parrot dyntex library use :


       To specify output file use :

	   --output <file>

       To select what to output	(valid operation are 'head', 'thunks',
       'loader', 'loader-dyntex', 'coda', 'all', 'all-dyntex', 'names' and
       'signatures') (default is 'all')	use :

	   --target <target>

       To set storage class used for the thunks	(default value is static) use

	   --thunk-storage-class <storage class>

       To set the prototype used for the thunk function	names.Must be a	printf
       format with arity 1 (default value is 'pcf_%s') use :

	   --thunk-name-proto <printf prototype>

       To set the storage class	used for the loader funtion (default value is
       none) use :


       To set the name used for	the leader function (default value is
       'Parrot_load_nci_thunks') use :


       For more	help or	any other question you go to <> or
       <>.Or you	can send email to
       ''.	 You are also invited to join the #parrot IRC
       channel on

perl v5.24.1			  2014-10-21	       PARROT_NCI_THUNK_GEN(1)


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