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PARROT-PROVE(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation      PARROT-PROVE(1)

       parrot-prove - Prove is a PIR-based TAP (Test Anything Protocol)

       parrot-prove [option] [files]

       It eats test output (i.e. is a TAP consumer) and	tells humans if	the
       test suite passed, and if not, which kind of pretty colors of smoke
       came out. It is mostly equivalent to 'prove' from Perl 5.

   Command line	boolean	options
       To print	all test lines use :


       To run the tests	in random order	use :


       To show failed tests use	:


       To show comments	use :


       To ignore exit status from test scripts use :


       To merge	test scripts STDERR with their STDOUT use :


       To run tests in reverse order use :


       To suppress some	test output while running tests	use :


       To print	only summary result use	:


       To show only results with TODO or SKIP directives use :


       To normalize TAP	output in verbose output use :


       To display help use :


       To display version use :


   Command line	options	that take arguments
       To interpreter to run the tests (' ' for	compiled tests.) use :


       To store	the resulting TAP in an	archive	file use :


       For more	help or	any other question you go to <> or
       <>.Or you	can send email to
       ''.	 You are also invited to join the #parrot IRC
       channel on

perl v5.32.0			  2014-10-21		       PARROT-PROVE(1)


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