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PAM_MKHOMEDIR(8)	User Contributed Documentation	      PAM_MKHOMEDIR(8)

       pam_mkhomedir - PAM module to create user home directories on demand

       [service-name] module-type control-flag pam_mkhomedir [options]

       The MKHOMEDIR session module creates users home directories on demand,
       if it does not already exist. It	also sets the users home to a default
       mode of 0755, but can changed in	the PAM	config.	Furthermore, it	copies
       dot files from the skel - per default /usr/share/skel, but this option
       can be also overwritten in the PAM config

       The following options may be passed to the session module

	debug		syslog(3) debugging information	at LOG_DEBUG level.>

	mode=ABCD	permission for the HOME	directory - defaults to	0755
			in chmod(2) format

	skel=directory	skel directory to use -	defaults to /usr/share/skel

       The reason for this module was to create	users on a ldap	directory and
       create their home directories automatically when	they logon the first
       time on the machine

SEE ALSO pam(3), pw(8),	chmod(2)

FreeBSD				  2005-06-08		      PAM_MKHOMEDIR(8)

NAME | SYNOPSIS | DESCRIPTION | SEE ALSO pam(3), pw(8), chmod(2)

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