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page_revoke(3)		      Heimdalx509library		page_revoke(3)

       page_revoke - Revocation	methods	There are two revocation method	for
       PKIX/X.509: CRL and OCSP. Revocation is needed if the private key is
       lost and	stolen.	Depending on how picky you are,	you might want to make
       revocation for destroyed	private	keys too (smartcard broken), but that
       should not be a problem.

       CRL is a	list of	certifiates that have expired.

       OCSP is an online checking method where the requestor sends a list of
       certificates to the OCSP	server to return a signed reply	if they	are
       valid or	not. Some services sends a OCSP	reply as part of the hand-
       shake to	make the revoktion decision simpler/faster for the client.

Version	7.3.0			Tue Apr	11 2017			page_revoke(3)


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