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page_keyset(3)		      Heimdalx509library		page_keyset(3)

       page_keyset - Certificate store operations Type of certificates store:

       o MEMORY	In memory based	format.	Doesnt support storing.

       o FILE FILE supports raw	DER certicates and PEM certicates. When	PEM is
	 used the file can contain may certificates and	match private keys.
	 Support storing the certificates. DER format only supports on
	 certificate and no private key.

       o PEM-FILE Same as FILE,	defaulting to PEM encoded certificates.

       o PEM-FILE Same as FILE,	defaulting to DER encoded certificates.

       o PKCS11

       o PKCS12

       o DIR

       o KEYCHAIN Apple	Mac OS X KeyChain backed keychain object.

       See the library functions here: hx509 certificate store functions

Version	7.3.0			Tue Apr	11 2017			page_keyset(3)


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