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page_cms(3)		      Heimdalx509library		   page_cms(3)

       page_cmsCMS/PKCS7 message functions.
	- CMS is defined in RFC	3369 and is an continuation of the RSA Labs
       standard	PKCS7. The basic messages in CMS is

       o SignedData Data signed	with private key (RSA, DSA, ECDSA) or secret
	 (symmetric) key

       o EnvelopedData Data encrypted with private key (RSA)

       o EncryptedData Data encrypted with secret (symmetric) key.

       o ContentInfo Wrapper structure including type and data.

       See the library functions here: hx509 CMS/pkcs7 functions

Version	7.7.0			Fri Jun	7 2019			   page_cms(3)


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