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oscam(1)		    General Commands Manual		      oscam(1)

       OSCam - SC server

       The  OSCam  software is an open source multi-protocol/multi-platform SC

       Please check the	compile	options	for included features in the binary.

       OSCam supports the following protocols:

       o  newcamd with cascading/remote	server ECM support

       o  camd 3.3x TCP

       o  camd camd 3.5x / 3.57x UDP with cascading/remote server ECM support,
	  ECM and EMM support with size	> 256 bytes

       o  camd 3.78x TCP with cascading/remote server ECM support, ECM and EMM
	  support with size > 256 bytes

       o  CCcam	with cascading/remote server ECM support, ECM and EMM  support
	  with size > 256 bytes

       o  DVB API with multi tuner and PIP support

       o  gbox with cascading/remote server ECM	support

       o  serial (HSIC,	SSSP, BOMBA, DSR 9500)

       o  radegast

       OSCam works on the following platforms:

       o  Linux	(Tuxbox, ARM, MIPS, MIPSel, SH-4, PowerPC, ...)

       o  Windows (based on cygwin1.dll)

       o  Mac OS X

	  write	 oscam.crash  on  segfault (needs installed GDB	and OSCam com-
	  piled	with debug infos -ggdb)

	  starts in background,	writing	oscam.version with starttime and  ver-
	  sion info in temporary directory

       -B|--pidfile <filename>
	  set PID file,	overrides pidfile of oscam.conf, default:none

       -c|--config-dir <directory>
	  read configuration from <directory>, default:see CS_CONFDIR in glob-
	  als.h, while starting	OSCam prints  warnings	on  invalid  keywords,
	  comment lines	start with # character.

	  Autodiscover of the following	directories will be done:

	  o  /etc/tuxbox/config

	  o  /etc/tuxbox/config/oscam

	  o  /config/oscam

	  o  /usr/keys

	  o  /var/etc

	  o  /var/etc/oscam

	  o  /var/keys

	  o  /var/oscam

	  o  /var/tuxbox/config

       -d|--debug <level>
	  debug	level mask:

	       0 = no debugging	(default)
	       2 = ATR parsing info, ECM dumps,	CW dumps
	       4 = traffic from/to the reader
	       8 = traffic from/to the clients
	      16 = traffic to the reader-device	on IFD layer
	      32 = traffic to the reader-device	on I/O layer
	      64 = EMM logging
	     128 = DVBAPI logging
	     256 = load	balancing logging
	     512 = cache exchange logging
	    1024 = client ECM logging
	    2048 = CSP logging
	    4096 = CWC logging
	   65535 = debug all

       -g|--gcollect <mode>
	  garbage collector debug mode,	default:none:

	     1 = immediate free
	     2 = check for double frees


       -I|--syslog-ident <ident>
	  set syslog ident, default:oscam

       -p|--pending-ecm	<number>
	  maximum number of pending ECM	packets, default:32, maximum:255

       -r|--restart <level>
	  restart level:

	     0 = disabled, restart request sets	exit status to 99
	     1 = restart activated, web	interface can restart oscam (default)
	     2 = like 1, but also restart on segmentation faults

	  do not filter	sensitive info (card serial numbers) in	the logs

	  capture segmentation faults

       -t|--temp-dir <directory>
	  use  <directory>  for	temporary data,	default:temporary directory of

	  enable output	of web interface in UTF-8 charset

	  show OSCam version info

       -w|--wait <seconds>
	  time waiting for system time to be set correctly

	  reinit user db, readers, TIERs, services, clients  and  anti-cascad-
	  ing,	for  newcamd  connections:  after  reloading the ident,	please
	  restart newcamd client

	  shift	debug level to next level (see debug level mask	above)

	  get reader SC	info

       list_smargo(1),,  oscam.cacheex(5),	  oscam.cert(5),   os-
       cam.conf(5),  oscam.dvbapi(5),  oscam.fakecws(5),  oscam.guess(5),  os-
       cam.ird(5), oscam.provid(5), oscam.ratelimit(5),	 oscam.server(5),  os-,	 oscam.srvid(5),  oscam.srvid2(5), oscam.tiers(5), os-
       cam.user(5), oscam.whitelist(5)



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