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ORLE-FB(1)			    BRL-CAD			    ORLE-FB(1)

       orle-fb - decode	old run-length encoded image onto a frame buffer

       orle-fb [-Otdv] [-b [rgbwBG]] [-F framebuffer] [-p x y] [file.rle]

       orle-fb decodes an old, Edition-2 University of Utah standard
       Run-Length Encoded (RLE)	format file (saved with	fb-orle(1) or a
       similar program)	to a frame buffer device or a file. If file.rle	is not
       specified, standard input is read.  orle-fb determines the type and
       size of the saved file (color or	B&W) and acts accordingly. The
       environment variable

       FB_FILE is used to select the display device (see brlcad(1)). If	this
       variable	is not set, the	default	device for your	system will be used.

	   Alters the normal bottom-up display order to	be top-down. This
	   option can be useful	when the image contains	accompanying text.
	   Note	that the image is inverted in memory, using as large a buffer
	   as malloc(3)	will permit. This means	that the entire	image will be
	   decoded before output will begin appearing.

	   Debug option, provides verbose description of file structure	and
	   processes called, written on	standard error.

	   Provides a verbose description of the parameters of the saved image
	   on standard error.

	   Restores the	image data in overlay mode. Only areas of the original
	   image which were not	the background color are decoded. The rest of
	   the image already in	the frame buffer is undisturbed. Note that
	   this	mode uses twice	as many	DMAs to	the frame buffer as the	normal
	   mode, as the	previous image must be read back into the host.

	   If the image	is not being decoded in	overlay	mode, the background
	   is normally set to the value	recorded in the	RLE file. This option
	   permits the user to specify an alternate background color from a
	   limited set of colors. The character	x can be any of	r (red), g
	   (green), b (blue), w	(white), B (black), or G (18% grey).

       -px y
	   Reposition the image. The original lower left corner	is positioned
	   at (x, y) before restoring the image. Warning: a saved image	should
	   not be repositioned so that any saved data wraps around the X
	   borders. If the input image is 512x512, and it is repositioned, the
	   framebuffer will be opened in 1024x1024 mode.

       -F~A framebuffer
	   indicates that the output should be sent to the indicated
	   framebuffer.	See libfb(3) for more details on the specification of
	   a framebuffer.

	   Name	of file	to decode, in old RLE format.

       AcAAorle-fb AcAAtruck.rle AcAAorle-fb AcAA-Ot AcAAtext.rle AcAAorle-fb
       AcAA-bG AcAA<car.rle

       brlcad(1), rle-fb(1), fb-rle(1),	rle-pix(1), pix-rle(1),	librle(3),

       BRL-CAD Team

       This software is	Copyright (c) 1986-2013	by the United States
       Government as represented by U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

       Reports of bugs or problems should be submitted via electronic mail to

BRL-CAD				  07/08/2017			    ORLE-FB(1)


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