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or(1)				     fish				 or(1)

       or -- conditionally execute a command

       COMMAND1; or COMMAND2

       or is used to execute a command if the current exit status (as set by
       the previous command) is	not 0.

       or statements may be used as part of the	condition in an	and or while
       block. See the documentation for	if and while for examples.

       or does not change the current exit status. The exit status of the last
       foreground command to exit can always be	accessed using the $status

       The following code runs the make	command	to build a program. If the
       build succeeds, the program is installed. If either step	fails, make
       clean is	run, which removes the files created by	the build process.

       make; and make install; or make clean

Version	2.5.0			Fri Feb	3 2017				 or(1)


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