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OPT-CASE(1)	   Optimize case insensitive regexp filters	   OPT-CASE(1)

N - Optimize case insensitive regexp filters for tin

       oopptt--ccaassee..ppll < input [> output]

       oopptt--ccaassee..ppll reads a ttiinn(1) filter-file (ttiinn(5)) with regexp filters on
       STDIN and turns all case	insensitive regexp into	case sensitive ones
       whenever	possible, as case sensitive regexp are (a bit) faster.

       The case= line must come	before any line	with a regexp pattern, (that
       is the order ttiinn(1) saves the filter file, if you created the filter by
       hand and	never let ttiinn(1) rewrite the file, you might want to check
       that first).

       Don't use oopptt--ccaassee..ppll on	wildmat	filters, transform them	into regexp
       filter via ww22rr..ppll(1) first.

       Urs Janssen <>

       ttiinn(1), ttiinn(5), ww22rr..ppll(1)

3rd Berkeley Distribution	     0.2.2			   OPT-CASE(1)

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