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OPENXPKICTL(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	OPENXPKICTL(1)

       openxpkictl - start/stop	script for OpenXPKI server

       openxpkictl [options] COMMAND

	       Brief help message

	       Full documentation

	  --config PATH
	       Use configuration from path (base of yaml tree)

	  --instance|i NAME
	       Shortcut	to set the config path to /usr/local/etc/openxpki/<instance>/config.d

	  --debug [MODULE:]LEVEL
	       Show debug messages of MODULE whose level are lower or equal to the
	       given LEVEL.
	       LEVEL can be specified as a decadic or binary number (e.g. 5 or 0b101).
	       If MODULE is omitted the	given LEVEL will be set	for all	modules.

	  --debug MODULE[=BITMASK]
	       Show debug messages of MODULE whose level fits into the given BITMASK
	       (i.e. "level AND	BITMASK	== level").
	       BITMASK can be specified	as a decadic or	binary number (e.g. 5 or
	       0b101). If not given BITMASK defaults to	1.

	  --keep-temp-files yes
	       Do not delete temporary files.
	       B<WARNING>: Files can contain confidential data!

	       Use a non-forking server: only useful for debugging or profiling.

	       Do not fork away	the control process - useful for docker/systemd

	  start		   Start OpenXPKI daemon
	  stop		   Stop	OpenXPKI daemon
	  reload	   Reload the configuration
	  restart	   Restart OpenXPKI daemon
	  status	   Get OpenXPKI	daemon status
	  version	   Print the OpenXPKI version info

       Available commands:

       start   Starts the OpenXPKI daemon.

       stop    Stops the OpenXPKI daemon.

       reload  Reloads the OpenXPKI daemon, re-reading the config repository.
	       Note: Some changes need a restart, see the documentation!

       restart Restarts	the OpenXPKI daemon.

       status  Checks the OpenXPKI daemon status.

       --help  Print a brief help message and exits.

       --man   Prints the manual page and exits.

       --config	PATH
	       Use PATH	to point to the	configuration repository.  Defaults to

       --instance NAME
	       Shortcut	to set the config path when running multiple instances
	       using the proposed config path layout.

	       Print program version and exit.

       --debug MODULE:LEVEL
	       Set specific module debug level to LEVEL	(must be a positive
	       integer). Higher	values mean more debug output. Multiple
	       --debug options can be specified.  It is	also possible to
	       specify multiple	debug settings in one --debug option by
	       separating them with a comma.  MODULE must be a module
	       specification (e. g. OpenXPKI::Server) and may contain Perl
	       Regular expressions.

	       MODULE defaults to '.*' if not specified. LEVEL defaults	to 1
	       if not specified.


		(equivalent to --debug .*:1)

		 --debug OpenPKI::Server
		 (equivalent to	--debug	OpenXPKI::Server:1)

		 --debug OpenPKI::Server:100
		 (equivalent to	--debug	OpenXPKI::Server:100)

		 --debug OpenPKI::Server:10 --debug OpenXPKI::Crypto::.*:20
		 --debug OpenXPKI::Server:10,OpenXPKI::Crypto::.*:20
		 (these	two are	equivalent)

	       Does not	fork program away and uses a non-forking server.
	       Pretty much useful only for debugging and profiling.

       openxpkictl is the start	script for the OpenXPKI	server process.

	       The openxpkictl script returns a	0 exit value on	success, and
	       >0 if  an error occurs.

perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-29			OPENXPKICTL(1)


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