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OPENXPKICTL(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	OPENXPKICTL(1)

       openxpkictl - start/stop	script for OpenXPKI server

       openxpkictl [options] COMMAND

	  --help		brief help message
	  --man			full documentation
	  --config PATH		use configuration from path (base of yaml tree)
	  --instance|i NAME	Shortcut to set	the config path	to
	  --debug  MODULE:LEVEL	set MODULE debug level to LEVEL
				(positive integer value).
				MODULE defaults	to '.*'
				LEVEL defaults to 1
	  --foreground		Uses a non-forking server. This	is only
				useful for debugging or	profiling.

	  start		   Start OpenXPKI daemon
	  stop		   Stop	OpenXPKI daemon
	  reload	   Reload the configuration
	  restart	   Restart OpenXPKI daemon
	  status	   Get OpenXPKI	daemon status
	  version	   Print the OpenXPKI version info

       Available commands:

       start   Starts the OpenXPKI daemon.

       stop    Stops the OpenXPKI daemon.

       reload  Reloads the OpenXPKI daemon, re-reading the config repository.
	       Note: Some changes need a restart, see the documentation!

       restart Restarts	the OpenXPKI daemon.

       status  Checks the OpenXPKI daemon status.

       --help  Print a brief help message and exits.

       --man   Prints the manual page and exits.

       --config	PATH
	       Use PATH	to point to the	configuration repository.  Defaults to

       --instance NAME
	       Shortcut	to set the config path when running multiple instances
	       using the proposed config path layout.

	       Print program version and exit.

       --debug MODULE:LEVEL
	       Set specific module debug level to LEVEL	(must be a positive
	       integer). Higher	values mean more debug output. Multiple
	       --debug options can be specified.  It is	also possible to
	       specify multiple	debug settings in one --debug option by
	       separating them with a comma.  MODULE must be a module
	       specification (e. g. OpenXPKI::Server) and may contain Perl
	       Regular expressions.

	       MODULE defaults to '.*' if not specified. LEVEL defaults	to 1
	       if not specified.


		(equivalent to --debug .*:1)

		 --debug OpenPKI::Server
		 (equivalent to	--debug	OpenXPKI::Server:1)

		 --debug OpenPKI::Server:100
		 (equivalent to	--debug	OpenXPKI::Server:100)

		 --debug OpenPKI::Server:10 --debug OpenXPKI::Crypto::.*:20
		 --debug OpenXPKI::Server:10,OpenXPKI::Crypto::.*:20
		 (these	two are	equivalent)

	       Does not	fork program away and uses a non-forking server.
	       Pretty much useful only for debugging and profiling.

       openxpkictl is the start	script for the OpenXPKI	server process.

	       The openxpkictl script returns a	0 exit value on	success, and
	       >0 if  an error occurs.

perl v5.24.1			  2017-07-03			OPENXPKICTL(1)


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