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OPENXPKICLI(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	OPENXPKICLI(1)

       openxpkicli - command line tool for running API requests

       openxpkicli [options] command

	 Options (all arguments	are optional):
	   --help		 brief help message
	   --man		 full documentation
	   --socketfile	FILE	 OpenXPKI daemon socket	file
	   --instance  NAME	 Shortcut to set socket	on multi-instance configs
	   --realm REALM	 OpenXPKI realm
	   --authstack STACK	 authentication	stack to use
	   --authuser USER	 authentication	user
	   --authpass PASS	 password for authentication user
	   --arg KEY=VALUE	 pass VALUE to method as parameter KEY
	   --param VALUE	 stack VALUE onto methods PARAMS array
	   --param KEY=VALUE	 set VALUE in methods PARAMS hash using	KEY
	   --debug		 enable	debug mode
	   --timeout		 socket	timeout	in seconds (default 30s)

       Invoke the named	command	through	the OpenXPKI API using the given
       conenction socket.

       Anything	passed using "arg" is added to the methods argument list. If
       the method has a	PARAMS argument	which accepts an array or hash,	you
       can use param to	fill this argument. You	must not mix value only	and
       key=value param calls on	one command.

       openxpkicli --realm "Server CA" --arg message=testmail --param
       rcpt=pki@mycompany.local	send_notification

perl v5.24.1			  2017-07-03			OPENXPKICLI(1)


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