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OPENOCD(1)		    General Commands Manual		    OPENOCD(1)

       openocd	- A free and open on-chip debugging, in-system programming and
       boundary-scan testing tool for ARM and MIPS systems

       openocd [-fsdlcphv] [--file <filename>] [--search  <dirname>]  [--debug
       <debuglevel>]  [--log_output  <filename>]  [--command  <cmd>]  [--pipe]
       [--help]	[--version]

       OpenOCD is an  on-chip  debugging,  in-system  programming  and	bound-
       ary-scan	testing	tool for various ARM and MIPS systems.

       The  debugger  uses an IEEE 1149-1 compliant JTAG TAP bus master	to ac-
       cess on-chip debug  functionality  available  on	 ARM  based  microcon-
       trollers	or system-on-chip solutions. For MIPS systems the EJTAG	inter-
       face is supported.

       User interaction	is realized through a telnet command line interface, a
       gdb  (the  GNU  debugger)  remote protocol server, and a	simplified RPC
       connection that can be used to interface	with OpenOCD's Jim Tcl engine.

       OpenOCD supports	various	different types	 of  JTAG  interfaces/program-
       mers, please check the openocd info page	for the	complete list.

       -f, --file <filename>
	      This is a	shortcut for a -c "[script _filename_]"	command, using
	      a	search path to load the	configuration file _filename_.	In or-
	      der  to  specify	multiple  config  files,  you can use multiple
	      --file arguments.	If no such -c options are included, the	 first
	      config file openocd.cfg in the search path will be used.

       -s, --search <dirname>
	      Add  _dirname_  to  the  search  path  used for config files and
	      scripts.	The search path	begins	with  the  current  directory,
	      then  includes  these additional directories before other	compo-
	      nents such as the	standard OpenOCD script	libraries.

       -d, --debug <debuglevel>
	      Set debug	level. Possible	values are:
		* 0 (errors)
		* 1 (warnings)
		* 2 (informational messages)
		* 3 (debug messages)
	      The default level	is 2.

       -l, --log_output	<filename>
	      Redirect log output to the file _filename_.  Per default the log
	      output is	printed	on stderr.

       -c, --command <cmd>
	      Add  the	command	_cmd_ to a list	of commands executed on	server
	      startup.	Note that you will need	to explicitly invoke  init  if
	      the command requires access to a target or flash.

       -p, --pipe
	      Use pipes	when talking to	gdb.

       -h, --help
	      Show a help text and exit.

       -v, --version
	      Show version information and exit.

       Please	report	 any   bugs   on   the	mailing	 list  at  openocd-de-

       OpenOCD is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL),  version  2
       or later.


       The  full  documentation	for openocd is maintained as a Texinfo manual.
       If the info (or pinfo) and openocd programs are properly	 installed  at
       your  site, the command info openocd should give	you access to the com-
       plete manual.

       Please see the file AUTHORS.

       This manual page	was written by Uwe Hermann  <>.   It
       is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL (version 2 or	later).

			       November	24, 2009		    OPENOCD(1)


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