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omnitty(1)		    General Commands Manual		    omnitty(1)

       omnitty - A tool	to ssh into several machines simultaneously

       omnitty [-W list_width] [-T term_width]

       Omnitty	is  a curses-based program that	allows one to log into several
       machines	simultaneously and interact with them,	selectively  directing
       input  to  individual  machines or groups of selected machines. You can
       run both	line-oriented and screen oriented in the target	machines,  be-
       cause Omnitty has built-in terminal emulation capability. When the ter-
       minal is	large enough, Omnitty also displays a "summary area" for  each
       machine,	in which it shows what the latest output from the machine was.

       -W     specifies	 the  width  of	the list window, if the	default	is not
	      satisfactory. For	example, if your machines  have	 exceptionally
	      long  names,  you	 might have to use this	parameter to configure
	      the desired width	of the list window.

       -T     specifies	the width of the terminal window, if  the  default  is
	      not  satisfactory. For example, if you use omnitty in any	X ter-
	      minal with a small font you can increase the with	to see	longer
	      lines  without wrapping. The default is to give you an 80	column
	      terminal and leave the remaining width for the summary area.

       The Omnitty Project's official homepage is the following:

       There you will find author information, FAQ, links to the  latest  ver-
       sion of the program, etc.

       This program was	written	by Bruno T. C. de Oliveira, a computer-science
       student at Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil. My	e-mail address is:   or

       When you	specify	'@foo' as a machine name when adding, the default pro-
       gram  behavior  is  to read a file named	'foo' in the current directory
       and add all the machines	listed there (one per line).  If  however  you
       set  the	OMNITTY_AT_COMMAND environment variable, omnitty will, instead
       of trying  to  open  a  file  named  'foo',  execute  the  command  OM-
       NITTY_AT_COMMAND	 supplying  it	the argument 'foo'. The	output of this
       command will be interpreted as a	list  of  machines  to	add  (one  per

       Multiple-host  network administration usually involves running the same
       set of commands on several different machines. An  administrator	 might
       ssh  into  each	of the machines	in his network individually to perform
       the required tasks, but the process soon	becomes	repetitive  and	 prone
       to  errors.  Scripts  might help	in the case of noninteractive programs
       and when	the administrator knows	exactly	what commands are to be	given.
       Error  handling	in  these  scripts  is also difficult to code, and the
       process becomes especially tedious if these tasks have to be done regu-

       Omnitty	tries  to present a different approach to manipulating several
       machines	remotely. It simultaneously logs you into all the machines you
       specify	and  then  presents a screen in	which you navigate through the
       list of machines. When you select a machine, its	 "terminal"  is	 shown
       onscreen	and they keypresses you	type are sent to that machine while it
       is selected. The	user may freely	navigate the  list,  interacting  with
       the machines in any order.

       Another	feature	is that	you can	'tag' machines on the list and enter a
       mode where the input you	provide	is directed to ALL  the	 machines  you
       tagged,	simultaneously.	 Thus  you might tag all the machines in which
       you need	to run a particular command and	then type the command once  to
       have all	machines execute it.

       Omnitty not only	works with regular commands, but also with visual pro-
       grams. For example, you might run 'vi' remotely on several machines si-
       multaneously,  and every	keystroke you supply will be reproduced	in ev-
       ery machine you tagged. Thus you	might interactively edit files in sev-
       eral machines at	once.

       Copyright (c) 2004 Bruno	Takahashi C. de	Oliveira. All rights reserved.

       This  program is	licensed under the GNU General Public License, version
       2 or, at	your option, any later version.	For full license  information,
       please refer to the COPYING file	that accompanies the program.

Omnitty	SSH multiplexer		  August 2004			    omnitty(1)


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