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OMINDEX(1)			 User Commands			    OMINDEX(1)

       omindex - Index static website data via the filesystem


       omindex - Index static website data via the filesystem

       DIRECTORY is the	directory to start indexing from.

       BASEDIR is the directory	corresponding to URL (default: DIRECTORY).

       -d, --duplicates
	      set duplicate handling ('ignore' or 'replace')

       -p, --no-delete
	      skip  the	 deletion  of documents	corresponding to deleted files
	      (--preserve-nonduplicates	is a deprecated	alias for --no-delete)

       -e, --empty-docs=ARG
	      how to handle documents we extract no text from: ARG can be  in-
	      dex,  warn  (issue  a diagnostic and index), or skip.  (default:

       -D, --db=DATABASE
	      path to database to use

       -U, --url=URL
	      base url BASEDIR corresponds to (default:	/)

       -M, --mime-type=EXT:TYPE
	      assume any file with extension EXT has MIME  Content-Type	 TYPE,
	      instead  of using	libmagic (empty	TYPE removes any existing map-
	      ping for EXT)

       -F, --filter=TYPE:CMD
	      process files with MIME Content-Type  TYPE  using	 command  CMD,
	      which  should  produce  UTF-8  text  on  stdout  e.g. -Fapplica-
	      tion/octet-stream:'strings -n8'

       -l, --depth-limit=LIMIT
	      set recursion limit (0 = unlimited)

       -f, --follow
	      follow symbolic links

       -i, --ignore-exclusions
	      ignore meta robots tags and similar exclusions

       -S, --spelling
	      index data for spelling correction

       -m, --max-size
	      maximum size of file to index (in	bytes  or  with	 a  suffix  of
	      'K'/'k', 'M'/'m',	'G'/'g') (default: unlimited)

       -E, --sample-size=SIZE
	      maximum  size  for  the  document	text sample (supports the same
	      formats as --max-size).  (default: 512)

       -T, --title-size=SIZE
	      maximum size for the document title (supports the	 same  formats
	      as --max-size).  (default: 128)

       -v, --verbose
	      show more	information about what is happening

	      create  the database anew	(the default is	to update if the data-
	      base already exists)

       -s, --stemmer=LANG
	      set the stemming language	(default: english).  Possible  values:
	      danish  dutch  english  finnish  french german german2 hungarian
	      italian kraaij_pohlmann lovins norwegian porter portuguese roma-
	      nian  russian  spanish  swedish  turkish (pass 'none' to disable

       -h, --help
	      display this help	and exit

       -V, --version
	      output version information and exit

       Please report bugs at:

xapian-omega 1.2.25		September 2017			    OMINDEX(1)


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