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ODFFINDBASIC(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation      ODFFINDBASIC(1)

       odffindbasic - Basic macro removal from files

       odffindbasic [options] <sourcefile> [<targetfile>]

       A simple	command	that allows the	user to	detect,	export or remove the
       Basic modules from a regular file.

       Without option, the program displays the	number of Basic	modules	found
       in the file.

       The 2nd filename	is used	in combination with the	--delete option.

		       Prevents	the program from displaying the	number of Basic
		       modules found.

	       --delete	-d
		       If this option is set, the Basic	modules	are physically
		       deleted.	The file manifest is updated accordingly.
		       However,	the document content remains unchanged,	even if
		       it contains some	references to the deleted macros. The
		       code is removed (so the macros are no longer executable).
		       If a target file	name is	provided as a 2nd argument, the
		       changes are saved in it and the source file remains

	       --export	-e
		       Exports the macros. Every Basic module is extracted and
		       converted to a flat Basic source	file in	the current
		       directory. The name of each created file	is constructed
		       according to the	corresponding path in the ODF file, and
		       its suffix is "bas".

	       --list -l
		       The Basic modules are listed through the	standard

		       Some information	messages are printed.

perl v5.24.1			  2008-05-04		       ODFFINDBASIC(1)


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