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ODF2POD(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	    ODF2POD(1)

       odf2pod - POD generation	from an	OpenDocument file

       Usage : odf2pod <filename>

       This demo script	exports	the content of a given OpenDocument file to
       POD on the standard output. In the present form,	it's quite limited and
       not flexible, in	order to remain	easily readable. It should be
       considered as an	example	of text	extraction using OpenOffice::OODoc and
       not as the 'definitive' odf2pod filter, knowing that complex document
       structures are not properly rendered.

       Before extraction, some transformations are done	in the document	in
       order to	make it	more convenient	for a POD presentation.	Some pieces of
       metadata	(title,	subject, description), if defined, are reported	in the
       beginning of the	POD. The footnotes are removed from the	content	and
       reported	in a special section at	the end.

       This script needs Text::Wrapper (that is	not necessarily	required by
       the OpenOffice::OODoc installation). To implement more sophisicated
       presentation rules, you could use Text::Format instead.

perl v5.32.1			  2010-01-11			    ODF2POD(1)


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