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OCF_PACEMAKER_SYSINF(7)	    Pacemaker Configuration    OCF_PACEMAKER_SYSINF(7)

       ocf_pacemaker_SysInfo - SysInfo resource	agent

       OCF_RESKEY_pidfile=string [OCF_RESKEY_delay=string]
       [OCF_RESKEY_disks=string] [OCF_RESKEY_disk_unit=string]

       SysInfo [start |	stop | monitor | meta-data | validate-all]

       This is a SysInfo Resource Agent. It records (in	the CIB) various
       attributes of a node Sample Linux output: arch: i686 os:
       Linux-2.4.26-gentoo-r14 free_swap: 1999 cpu_info: Intel(R) Celeron(R)
       CPU 2.40GHz cpu_speed: 4771.02 cpu_cores: 1 cpu_load: 0.00 ram_total:
       513 ram_free: 117 root_free: 2.4	#health_disk: red Sample Darwin
       output: arch: i386 os: Darwin-8.6.2 cpu_info: Intel Core	Duo cpu_speed:
       2.16 cpu_cores: 2 cpu_load: 0.18	ram_total: 2016	ram_free: 787
       root_free: 13 #health_disk: green Units:	free_swap: MB ram_*: MB
       cpu_speed (Linux): bogomips cpu_speed (Darwin): GHz *_free: GB (or
       user-defined: disk_unit)

       OCF_RESKEY_pidfile = string [/SysInfo-]
	   PID file

       OCF_RESKEY_delay	= string [0s]
	   Dampening Delay

	   Interval to allow values to stabilize

       OCF_RESKEY_disks	= string
	   List	of Filesytems/Paths to query for free disk space

	   Filesystems or Paths	to be queried for free disk space as a SPACE
	   separated list - e.g	"/dev/sda1 /tmp". Results will be written to
	   an attribute	with leading slashes removed, and other	slashes
	   replaced with underscore, and the word 'free' appended - e.g	for
	   /dev/sda1 it	would be 'dev_sda1_free'. Note:	The root filesystem
	   '/' is always queried to an attribute named 'root_free'

       OCF_RESKEY_disk_unit = string [G]
	   Unit	to report disk free space in

	   Unit	to report disk free space in. Can be one of: B,	K, M, G, T, P

       OCF_RESKEY_min_disk_free	= string []
	   minimum disk	free space required

	   The amount of free space required in	monitored disks. If any	of the
	   monitored disks has less than this amount of	free space, , with the
	   node	attribute "#health_disk" changing to "red", all	resources will
	   move	away from the node. Set	the node-health-strategy property
	   appropriately for this to take effect. If the unit is not
	   specified, it defaults to disk_unit.

       Andrew Beekhof <>

Pacemaker Configuration		  08/29/2020	       OCF_PACEMAKER_SYSINF(7)


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