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OCAMLLEX(1)		    General Commands Manual		   OCAMLLEX(1)

       ocamllex	- The OCaml lexer generator

       ocamllex	[ -o output-file ] [ -ml ] filename.mll

       The  ocamllex(1)	 command  generates OCaml lexers from a	set of regular
       expressions with	associated semantic actions, in	the style of lex(1).

       Running ocamllex(1) on the input	file lexer.mll produces	OCaml code for
       a lexical analyzer in file

       This file defines one lexing function per entry point in	the lexer def-
       inition.	These functions	have the same names as the entry points.  Lex-
       ing  functions take as argument a lexer buffer, and return the semantic
       attribute of the	corresponding entry point.

       Lexer buffers are an abstract data type implemented in the standard li-
       brary   module	Lexing.	  The	functions   Lexing.from_channel,  Lex-
       ing.from_string and Lexing.from_function	create lexer buffers that read
       from an input channel, a	character string, or any reading function, re-

       When used in conjunction	with a parser generated	by  ocamlyacc(1),  the
       semantic	actions	compute	a value	belonging to the type token defined by
       the generated parsing module.

       The ocamllex(1) command recognizes the following	options:

       -ml    Output code that does not	use OCaml's built-in  automata	inter-
	      preter.  Instead,	 the  automaton	is encoded by OCaml functions.
	      This option is mainly useful for debugging ocamllex(1), using it
	      for production lexers is not recommended.

       -o output-file
	      Specify  the  name  of  the output file produced by ocamllex(1).
	      The default is the input file name, with its extension  replaced
	      by .ml.

       -q     Quiet mode.  ocamllex(1) normally	outputs	informational messages
	      to standard output.  They	are suppressed if option -q is used.

       -v or -version
	      Print version string and exit.

       -vnum  Print short version number and exit.

       -help or	--help
	      Display a	short usage summary and	exit.

       The OCaml user's	manual,	chapter	"Lexer and parser generators".



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