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nsf(1)			    General Commands Manual			nsf(1)

       nsf - murata version of 'Shell Form'

       nsf [-bu] [-c #]	[-m message] [-i file] [-o file]

       nsf enables 'form input'	in a shell script.  nsf	needs only ncurses li-
       brary. No needs of X window, WWW(CGI),...  And nsf is very small.   nsf
       will  be	 used  efficiently with	here document in a shell script. Don't
       forget trap , if	need.

       -b     output is	for bourne sh (defalt is csh ).

       -c #   cursol initial position.

       -m message
	      initial warning.

       -i infile
	      use infile instead of stdin.

       -o outfile
	      use outfile instead of stdout.

       -u     use underline for	input field.

Screen,	field definition
       For example:
       screen saver   [~~~~~~~]
       time out	      [~~~~~]

       The structure is	below.
       Screen definition
       #v=name#field attribute#...#

       In the screen definition, ~ means input field.	Screen	definition  is
       terminated by ^L	or @ .	And field definitions are:

       v=name set  the	name  of  shell	 variable  at the field.  This must be
	      needed always.

       And optional attributes are defined as a=attributes.  attributes	are:

       a      auto. If a field is filled,move to next field automatically.

       d      only integer.

       r      only real. (Not allow 'e'	expression)

       f      force.

       u      upper case.

       l      lower case.

       d=default set the defalt	value.

       h=help define help message.

	      style is selection form. User can	select options by  push	 space

       ncurses(3), sh(1), csh(1).

				  1996/08/28				nsf(1)

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