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npush(1)		    General Commands Manual		      npush(1)

       npush, npoll - copy files over TCP

       npush [-b] [files...]

       npoll [hostname]

       npush  and npoll	are tools to quickly copy files	over an	IP LAN.	 npush
       will send UDP multicast/broadcast packets to advertise that it is will-
       ing  to send files, npoll will look for these UDP packets and then con-
       nect to the sending machine.  The advantage is that you don't  have  to
       type  the  name	of  the	machine	that you want to send data to, and you
       don't have to type the name of the server.

       Optionally, you can tell	npoll the name of the server.  This is	useful
       if the server is	not in the same	LAN.

       If  you	do  not	 give npush any	arguments, it will copy	stdin over the
       network.	 npoll will in this case output	the data to stdout.   To  make
       this work in pipes, the diagnostic messages are now output on stderr.

       npush  will use TCP port	8002 for its connections and for the UDP pack-
       ets.  npush will	try to advertise using IPv6  multicast,	 but  it  will
       fall  back to IPv4 multicast and	IPv4 broadcast (which was the only op-
       tion before version 1.0).  Use the -b option to npush to	make sure that
       clients before version 1.0 can see the advertisements.

       npush  will  call  tar only after it has	opened the connection.	If you
       forgot to specify and files or tried to	send  nonexistant  files,  tar
       will spew out error messages.  The peer will see	no error messages!

       No error	detection, error recovery or even decent error messages.

       The broadcast packets always go out over	the network interface with the
       default route.  This means that your PPP	dialin server will  npush  the
       broadcast  packets to the PPP interface.	 You can fix this by setting a
       static route for	destination to the LAN interface.

       Some routers are	stupid enough to forward the broadcast packets.


       Felix 'Fefe' von	Leitner	<>

				  August 2000			      npush(1)


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