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NPM-INDEX(7)							  NPM-INDEX(7)

       npm-index - Index of all	npm documentation

   npm help README
       a JavaScript package manager

Command	Line Documentation
       Using npm on the	command	line

   npm help npm
       javascript package manager

   npm help access
       Set access level	on published packages

   npm help adduser
       Add a registry user account

   npm help audit
       Run a security audit

   npm help bin
       Display npm bin folder

   npm help bugs
       Bugs for	a package in a web browser maybe

   npm help build
       Build a package

   npm help bundle

   npm help cache
       Manipulates packages cache

   npm help ci
       Install a project with a	clean slate

   npm help completion
       Tab Completion for npm

   npm help config
       Manage the npm configuration files

   npm help dedupe
       Reduce duplication

   npm help deprecate
       Deprecate a version of a	package

   npm help dist-tag
       Modify package distribution tags

   npm help docs
       Docs for	a package in a web browser maybe

   npm help doctor
       Check your environments

   npm help edit
       Edit an installed package

   npm help explore
       Browse an installed package

   npm help help-search
       Search npm help documentation

   npm help help
       Get help	on npm

   npm help hook
       Manage registry hooks

   npm help init
       create a	package.json file

   npm help install-ci-test
       Install a project with a	clean slate and	run tests

   npm help install-test
       Install package(s) and run tests

   npm help install
       Install a package

   npm help link
       Symlink a package folder

   npm help logout
       Log out of the registry

   npm help ls
       List installed packages

   npm help org
       Manage orgs

   npm help outdated
       Check for outdated packages

   npm help owner
       Manage package owners

   npm help pack
       Create a	tarball	from a package

   npm help ping
       Ping npm	registry

   npm help prefix
       Display prefix

   npm help profile
       Change settings on your registry	profile

   npm help prune
       Remove extraneous packages

   npm help publish
       Publish a package

   npm help rebuild
       Rebuild a package

   npm help repo
       Open package repository page in the browser

   npm help restart
       Restart a package

   npm help root
       Display npm root

   npm help run-script
       Run arbitrary package scripts

   npm help search
       Search for packages

   npm help shrinkwrap
       Lock down dependency versions for publication

   npm help star
       Mark your favorite packages

   npm help stars
       View packages marked as favorites

   npm help start
       Start a package

   npm help stop
       Stop a package

   npm help team
       Manage organization teams and team memberships

   npm help test
       Test a package

   npm help token
       Manage your authentication tokens

   npm help uninstall
       Remove a	package

   npm help unpublish
       Remove a	package	from the registry

   npm help update
       Update a	package

   npm help version
       Bump a package version

   npm help view
       View registry info

   npm help whoami
       Display npm username

API Documentation
       Using npm in your Node programs

       File system structures npm uses

   npm help 5 folders
       Folder Structures Used by npm

   npm help 5 package-locks
       An explanation of npm lockfiles

   npm help 5 shrinkwrap.json
       A publishable lockfile

   npm help 5 npmrc
       The npm config files

   npm help 5 package-lock.json
       A manifestation of the manifest

   npm help 5 package.json
       Specifics of npm's package.json handling

       Various other bits and bobs

   npm help 7 coding-style
       npm's "funny" coding style

   npm help 7 config
       More than you probably want to know about npm configuration

   npm help 7 developers
       Developer Guide

   npm help 7 disputes
       Handling	Module Name Disputes

   npm help 7 index
       Index of	all npm	documentation

   npm help 7 orgs
       Working with Teams & Orgs

   npm help 7 registry
       The JavaScript Package Registry

   npm help 7 scope
       Scoped packages

   npm help 7 scripts
       How npm handles the "scripts" field

   npm help 7 removing-npm
       Cleaning	the Slate

   npm help 7 semver
       The semantic versioner for npm

				 October 2019			  NPM-INDEX(7)

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