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NPM-BUGS(1)							   NPM-BUGS(1)

       npm-bugs	- Bugs for a package in	a web browser maybe

	 npm bugs [<pkgname>]

	 aliases: issues

       This  command  tries to guess at	the likely location of a package's bug
       tracker URL, and	then tries to  open  it	 using	the  --browser	config
       param.  If  no  package	name  is  provided, it will search for a pack-
       age.json	in the current folder and use the name property.

       o Default: OS X:	"open",	Windows: "start", Others: "xdg-open"

       o Type: String

       The browser that	is called by the npm bugs command to open websites.

       o Default:

       o Type: url

       The base	URL of the npm package registry.

   See Also
       o npm help docs

       o npm help view

       o npm help publish

       o npm help registry

       o npm help config

       o npm help npmrc

       o npm help package.json

				September 2020			   NPM-BUGS(1)


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