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       notmuch-reindex - re-index matching messages

       notmuch reindex [option ...] <search-term> ...

       Re-index	all messages matching the search terms.

       See  notmuch-search-terms(7)  for  details  of the supported syntax for

       The reindex command searches for	all  messages  matching	 the  supplied
       search  terms, and re-creates the full-text index on these messages us-
       ing the supplied	options.

       Supported options for reindex include

	      If true, when encountering an encrypted message, try to  decrypt
	      it  while	 reindexing, stashing any session keys discovered.  If
	      auto, and	notmuch	already	knows about a session key for the mes-
	      sage, it will try	decrypting using that session key but will not
	      try to access the	user's secret keys.  If	decryption is success-
	      ful, index the cleartext itself.

	      nostash  is  the	same  as  true	except	that it	will not stash
	      newly-discovered session keys in the database.

	      If false,	notmuch	reindex	will also delete any  stashed  session
	      keys for all messages matching the search	terms.

	      Be aware that the	index is likely	sufficient (and	a stashed ses-
	      sion key is certainly sufficient)	to reconstruct	the  cleartext
	      of the message itself, so	please ensure that the notmuch message
	      index is adequately protected.  DO  NOT  USE  --decrypt=true  or
	      --decrypt=nostash	 without  considering the security of your in-

	      See also index.decrypt in	notmuch-config(1).

       A user just received an encrypted message without indexing its  cleart-
       ext.   After  reading it	(via notmuch show --decrypt=true), they	decide
       that they want to index its cleartext so	that they can easily  find  it
       later and read it without having	to have	access to their	secret keys:

	  notmuch reindex --decrypt=true

       A  user	wants  to  change their	policy going forward to	start indexing
       cleartext.  But they also want indexed access to	the cleartext  of  all
       previously-received  encrypted  messages.  Some messages	might have al-
       ready been indexed in the clear (as in the example above). They can ask
       notmuch to just reindex the not-yet-indexed messages:

	  notmuch config set index.decrypt true
	  notmuch reindex tag:encrypted	and not	property:index.decryption=success

       Later,  the user	changes	their mind, and	wants to stop indexing cleart-
       ext (perhaps their threat model has changed, or their  trust  in	 their
       index store has been shaken).  They also	want to	clear all of their old
       cleartext from the index.  Note that they compact the  database	after-
       ward as a workaround for

	  notmuch config set index.decrypt false
	  notmuch reindex property:index.decryption=success
	  notmuch compact

       notmuch(1),  notmuch-compact(1),	 notmuch-config(1),  notmuch-count(1),
       notmuch-dump(1),	notmuch-hooks(5),  notmuch-insert(1),  notmuch-new(1),
       notmuch-reply(1),     notmuch-restore(1),    notmuch-search(1),	  not-
       much-search-terms(7), notmuch-show(1), notmuch-tag(1)

       Carl Worth and many others

       2009-2021, Carl Worth and many others

0.32.2				 Sep 21, 2021		    NOTMUCH-REINDEX(1)


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