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NOTIFY(8C)							    NOTIFY(8C)

       notify -	HylaFAX	user notification script

       /var/spool/hylafax/bin/notify qfile why jobtime [ nextTry ]

       bin/notify is the command script	invoked	by the facsimile server	to no-
       tify a user about the status of an outbound job.	 The default notifica-
       tion  script sends the user electronic mail describing the event	or ac-
       tion.  The arguments are:

       qfile	 the pathname of the job description file.

       why	 a string that specifies why the user is being	notified;  one
		 Why		     Notes    Meaning
		 done		     ^1	      job was completed	successfully
		 failed		     ^1^2     job was not completed
		 rejected	     ^1	      job was rejected for specified reasons
		 requeued	     ^2	      job was not completed, but was requeued for retry
		 removed	     ^1	      job was deleted from the queue
		 killed		     ^1	      job was deleted from the queue
		 timedout	     ^1	      job could	not be sent before kill	time expired
		 format_failed	     ^1	      document conversion failed
		 no_formatter	     ^1	      the document conversion program was not found
		 poll_rejected	     ^1^2     a	polling	request	was rejected by	the remote side
		 poll_no_document    ^1^2     a	polling	request	failed because nothing was available
		 poll_failed	     ^1^2     a	polling	request	failed for an unknown reason
		 blocked	     ^3	      job is blocked by	concurrent jobs
		 ^1 A final job	state
		 ^2  A	transcript  of the failed communication	is returned to
		 the sender.
		 ^3 No emails are sent for the block state, the	job  has  been
		 neither  requeued  nor	done, but remains waiting in the queue
		 for the ability to be sent.

       jobtime	 the total transmission	time of	a successful job or  the  con-
		 nect time of a	failed request (passed as a string).

       nextTry	 the  time (passed as a	string)	at which the next attempt will
		 be made to complete the job.  This parameter is  passed  only
		 if why	is ``requeued''.

       The  behavior  of  notify  is  intended	to  be	customizable  via  the
       etc/FaxNotify script, if	present.  FaxNotify is sourced	after  the  q-
       file  is	parsed and all default values are preset.  Useful settings for
       FaxNotify are:

       WHY    is identical to why mentioned above and can be useful in	deter-
	      mining  under  what  conditions various settings should take ef-
	      fect.  For example,

	      if [ "$WHY" != "done" ]; then

	      This would only set RETURNFILETYPE when the job did not complete

	      can  be  set  to	``tif'', ``pdf'', ``ps'', or ``original''.  If
	      set, this	causes notify to return	a copy of the submitted	 docu-
	      ments to the SENDER address along	with the notification message.
	      The ``original'' setting uses the	format type that was  used  in
	      the  submission.	Multiple values	may be specified by separating
	      them with	whitespace. In that case a separate attachment is cre-
	      ated for each filetype.

	      the  template subdirectory to use	when sending e-mails.  HylaFAX
	      ships with a base	set of templates,  and	some  direct  transla-
	      tions.   To use the German translated templates, set TEMPLATE=de
	      in FaxNotify.  This is relative to the base template directory.

	      is used to deliver a notification	message	to TOADDR  (which  de-
	      faults  to  ``FaxMaster'')  that	contains technical information
	      about the	job.  This is useful in	allowing the administrator  to
	      be  aware	 of any	problems before	those problems are reported by
	      the users.  Possible settings are	``yes'',  ``always'',  ``no'',
	      ``never'', and ``errors''.  If ``errors''	is used	then the noti-
	      fication message is only sent to FaxMaster when the job  experi-
	      enced an error.  The default is ``no''.

       The settings of the user	in $notify (read from the sendq	job file) con-
       trols whether the user will get the notification	email.	If you want to
       force  notification  emails,  irregardless  of  the users selection, or
       force a blocked notification (which is not sent by  default),  you  can


       which will force	the notify script to send the email.

       /var/spool/hylafax    spooling area
       /usr/sbin/sendmail    for delivering mail

       faxq(8C), hylafax-server(5F), sendq(5F)

				  May 8, 1996			    NOTIFY(8C)


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