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notcurses_visual(3)					   notcurses_visual(3)

       notcurses_visual	- notcurses multimedia

       #include	<notcurses/notcurses.h>

	      typedef enum {
	      }	ncscale_e;

	      typedef enum {
		NCBLIT_DEFAULT,	// let the ncvisual pick
		NCBLIT_1x1,	// spaces only
		NCBLIT_2x1,	// halves + 1x1
		NCBLIT_2x2,	// quadrants + 2x1
		NCBLIT_3x2,	// sextants + 1x1
		NCBLIT_4x1,	// four	vertical levels
		NCBLIT_BRAILLE,	// 4 rows, 2 cols (braille)
		NCBLIT_8x1,	// eight vertical levels
		NCBLIT_SIXEL,	// not yet implemented
	      }	ncblitter_e;

	      #define NCVISUAL_OPTION_NODEGRADE	0x0001
	      #define NCVISUAL_OPTION_BLEND	0x0002

	      struct ncvisual_options {
		struct ncplane*	n;
		ncscale_e scaling;
		int ***y***, x;
		int begy, begx;	// origin of rendered section
		int leny, lenx;	// size	of rendered section
		ncblitter_e blitter; //	glyph set to use
		uint64_t flags;	// bitmask over	NCVISUAL_OPTION_*

	      typedef int (*streamcb)(struct notcurses*, struct	ncvisual*, void*);

       bool notcurses_canopen_images(const struct notcurses* nc);

       bool notcurses_canopen_videos(const struct notcurses* nc);

       bool notcurses_cansixel(const struct notcurses* nc);

       struct ncvisual*	ncvisual_from_file(const char* file);

       struct  ncvisual*  ncvisual_from_rgba(const  void*  rgba, int rows, int
       rowstride, int cols);

       struct ncvisual*	ncvisual_from_bgra(const void*	bgra,  int  rows,  int
       rowstride, int cols);

       struct  ncvisual*  ncvisual_from_plane(struct  ncplane*	n, ncblitter_e
       blit, int begy, int begx, int leny, int lenx);

       int ncvisual_geom(const struct notcurses* nc, const struct ncvisual* n,
       const  struct  ncvisual_options*	 vopts,	int* y,	int* x,	int* toy, int*

       void ncvisual_destroy(struct ncvisual* ncv);

       int ncvisual_decode(struct ncvisual* ncv);

       int ncvisual_decode_loop(struct ncvisual* ncv);

       struct ncplane* ncvisual_render(struct notcurses* nc, struct  ncvisual*
       ncv, const struct ncvisual_options* vopts);

       int  ncvisual_simple_streamer(struct  ncplane* n, struct	ncvisual* ncv,
       const struct timespec* disptime,	void* curry);

       int ncvisual_stream(struct notcurses* nc, struct	ncvisual*  ncv,	 float
       timescale,  streamcb  streamer,	const  struct ncvisual_options*	vopts,
       void* curry);

       int ncvisual_rotate(struct ncvisual* n, double rads);

       int ncvisual_resize(struct ncvisual* n, int rows, int cols);

       int ncvisual_polyfill_yx(struct ncvisual* n, int	y, int x, uint32_t rg-

       int  ncvisual_at_yx(const  struct  ncvisual* n, int y, int x, uint32_t*

       int ncvisual_set_yx(const struct	ncvisual* n, int y,  int  x,  uint32_t

       char* ncvisual_subtitle(const struct ncvisual* ncv);

       int notcurses_lex_scalemode(const char* op, ncscale_e* scaling);

       const char* notcurses_str_scalemode(ncscale_e scaling);

       int notcurses_lex_blitter(const char* op, ncblitter_e* blitter);

       const char* notcurses_str_blitter(ncblitter_e blitter);

       ncblitter_e  ncvisual_media_defblitter(const  struct  notcurses nc, nc-
       scale_e scaling);

       An ncvisual is a	virtual	pixel framebuffer.  They can be	 created  from
       RGBA/BGRA  data	in  memory (ncvisual_from_rgba/ncvisual_from_bgra), or
       from the	content	of a  suitable	ncplane	 (ncvisual_from_ncplane).   If
       Notcurses  was  built  against  a  multimedia engine (FFMpeg or OpenIm-
       ageIO), image and video files can be loaded into	visuals	using  ncvisu-
       al_from_file.   ncvisual_from_file  discovers the container and codecs,
       but does	not verify that	the entire file	is well-formed.	  ncvisual_de-
       code  ought  be	invoked	 to recover subsequent frames, once per	frame.
       ncvisual_decode_loop will return	to the first frame, as if ncvisual_de-
       code had	never been called.

       Once  the visual	is loaded, it can be transformed using ncvisual_rotate
       and ncvisual_resize.  These are persistent operations, unlike any scal-
       ing  that takes place at	render time.  If a subtitle is associated with
       the frame, it can be acquired with ncvisual_subtitle.

       ncvisual_from_rgba and ncvisual_from_bgra  both	require	 a  number  of
       rows,  a	number of image	columns	cols, and a virtual row	length of row-
       stride /	4 columns.  The	input data must	provide	32 bits	per pixel, and
       thus  must be at	least rowstride	* rows bytes, of which a cols *	rows *
       4-byte subset is	used.  It is not possible to mmap(2) an	image file and
       use  it directly--decompressed, decoded data is necessary.  The result-
       ing plane  will	be  ceil(rows/2)  rows,	 and  cols  columns.   ncvisu-
       al_from_plane requires specification of a rectangle via begy, begx, le-
       ny, and lenx.  The only valid characters	within this region  are	 those
       used by the NCBLIT_2x2 blitter, though this may change in the future.

       ncvisual_rotate	executes  a rotation of	rads radians, in the clockwise
       (positive) or counterclockwise (negative) direction.

       ncvisual_subtitle will return a UTF-8-encoded subtitle corresponding to
       the current frame if such a subtitle was	decoded.  Note that a subtitle
       might be	returned for multiple frames, or might not.

       ncvisual_render blits the visual	to an ncplane, based on	 the  contents
       of  its	struct	ncvisual_options.   If n is not	NULL, it specifies the
       plane on	which to render, and y/x specify a location within that	plane.
       Otherwise,  a  new plane	will be	created, and placed at y/x relative to
       the rendering area.  begy/begx specify the upper	left corner of a  sub-
       section of the ncvisual to render, while	leny/lenx specify the geometry
       of same.	 flags is a bitfield over:

       o NCVISUAL_OPTION_NODEGRADE If the specified blitter is not  available,
	 fail rather than degrading.


       The  different  ncblitter_e  values  select  from among available glyph

       o NCBLIT_DEFAULT: Let the ncvisual choose its own blitter.

       o NCBLIT_1x1: Spaces only.  Works in ASCII, unlike other	blitters.

       o NCBLIT_2x1: Adds the half blocks () to	NCBLIT_1x1.

       o NCBLIT_2x2: Adds left and right half blocks ()	and  quadrants	()  to

       o NCBLIT_3x2: Adds sextants to NCBLIT_1x1.

       o NCBLIT_4x1: Adds 1/4 and 3/4 blocks ()	to NCBLIT_2x1.

       o NCBLIT_BRAILLE: 4 rows	and 2 columns of braille ().

       o NCBLIT_8x1: Adds 1/8, 3/8, 5/8, and 7/8 blocks	() to NCBLIT_4x1.

       o NCBLIT_SIXEL: Not yet implemented.

       NCBLIT_4x1  and NCBLIT_8x1 are intended for use with plots, and are not
       really applicable for general visuals.

       notcurses_canopen_images	and notcurses_canopen_videos returns  true  if
       images  and videos, respecitvely, can be	decoded, or false if Notcurses
       was built with insufficient multimedia support.

       ncvisual_from_file returns an ncvisual object on	success,  or  NULL  on
       failure.	  Success  indicates  that  the	specified file was opened, and
       enough data was read to make a firm codec identification.  It does  not
       imply that the entire file is properly-formed.

       ncvisual_decode	returns	 0  on	success, or 1 on end of	file, or -1 on
       failure.	 It is only necessary for multimedia-based  visuals.   It  ad-
       vances  one frame for each call.	 ncvisual_decode_loop has the same re-
       turn values: when called	following decoding of the last frame, it  will
       return 1, but a subsequent ncvisual_render will return the first	frame.

       ncvisual_from_plane  returns NULL if the	ncvisual cannot	be created and
       bound.  This is usually due to illegal content in the source ncplane.

       ncvisual_render returns NULL on error, and otherwise the	plane to which
       the visual was rendered.	 If opts->n is provided, this will be opts->n.
       Otherwise, a plane will be created, perfectly sized for the visual  and
       the specified blitter.

       ncvisual_geom returns non-zero if the blitter is	invalid.

       ncvisual_media_defblitter  returns  the	blitter	selected by NCBLIT_DE-
       FAULT in	the specified configuration.  If UTF8  is  not	enabled,  this
       will  always be NCBLIT_1x1.  If scale is	NCSCALE_NONE or	NCSCALE_SCALE,
       the aspect-preserving NCBLIT_2x1	will be	 returned.   If	 sextants  are
       available  (see notcurses_cansextant), this will	be NCBLIT_3x2, or oth-
       erwise NCBLIT_2x2.

       Multimedia decoding requires that Notcurses be built with either	FFmpeg
       or  OpenImageIO support.	 What formats can be decoded is	totally	depen-
       dent on the linked library.  OpenImageIO	does not support subtitles.

       ncvisual_rotate currently supports only M_PI/2 and -M_PI/2 radians  for
       rads, but this will change soon.

       NCBLIT_SIXEL is not yet implemented, and	is only	infrequently supported
       among terminals.

       Bad  font  support  can	ruin   NCBLIT_2x2,   NCBLIT_3x2,   NCBLIT_4x1,
       NCBLIT_BRAILLE, and NCBLIT_8x1.

       notcurses(3), notcurses_capabilities(3),	notcurses_plane(3), utf-8(7)

       nick black <>.

				    v2.1.4		   notcurses_visual(3)


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