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notcurses-demo(1)					     notcurses-demo(1)

       notcurses-demo -	Show off some notcurses	features

       notcurses-demo [-h|--help] [-p path] [-d	delaymult]   [-l loglevel] [-f
       renderfile] [-J jsonfile] [-m margins] [-V|--version] [-ikc] demospec

       notcurses-demo demonstrates the capabilities of the notcurses  library.
       It  can	be run in any terminal emulator	or console with	a correct ter-
       minfo(5)	database, but is at is best in a 24bpp TrueColor RGB  environ-
       ment.  If notcurses-demo	seems to generate garbage, something is	likely
       configured in a way that	is going to prevent notcurses from working  in
       other applications.

       The demonstrations include (see NOTES below):

       o (a)llglyph--scroll the	glyphs of your font

       o (b)oxes--pulsating boxes with a transparent center

       o (c)hunli--the strongest woman in the world

       o (d)ragon--the Harter-Heighway dragon curve

       o (e)agle--they took some time off my life, back	in the day

       o (f)allin'--the	screen falls apart under heavy blows

       o (g)rid--a gradient of color lain atop a great grid

       o (h)ighcon--high contrast text atop various colors

       o (i)ntro--a setting of tone

       o (j)ungle--low-bandwidth color cycling reveals ancient ruins

       o (k)eller--the miracle of sight, and painting with Braille

       o (l)uigi--a dashing Apennine plumber in	a world	of fire

       o (m)ojibake--today's fresh catch of emoji (market price)

       o (n)ormal--a normal map	of a friend, with effects

       o (o)utro--a message of hope from the library's author

       o (q)rcode--quick response codes	(from ISO/IEC 18004:2015)

       o (r)eel--demonstration of the ncreel high-level	widget

       o (s)liders--a missing-piece puzzle made	up of colorful blocks

       o (t)rans--an exploration of various transparencies

       o (u)niblocks--a	series of blocks detailing Unicode pages

       o (v)iew--images	and a video are	rendered as text

       o (w)hiteout--a great Nothing slowly robs the world of color

       o (x)ray--stimulate a logo with energy

       o (y)ield--the best laid	schemes	o' mice	an'men gang aft	agley

       o (z)oo--see the	marvelous widgets of the notcurses world

       At  any	time,  press 'q' to quit.  The demo is best run	in at least an
       80x45 terminal, and will	refuse to run in anything smaller than 80x24.

       -p path:	Look in	the specified path for data files.

       -d delaymult: Apply a non-negative rational multiplier to the  standard
       delay of	1s.

       -l  loglevel:  Log everything (log level	8) or nothing (log level 0) to

       -f renderfile: Render each frame	 to  renderfile	 in  addition  to  the

       -J jsonfile: Emit JSON summary of run to	jsonfile.

       -m margins: Define rendering margins (see below).

       -k:  Inhibit  use  of  the alternate screen.  Necessary if you want the
       output left on your terminal after the program exits.

       -c: Do not attempt to seed the PRNG.  This is useful when benchmarking.

       -i: Continue after a failing demo.

       -h|--help: Print	a usage	message, and exit with success.

       -V|--version: Print the program name and	version, and  exit  with  suc-

       demospec:  Select  which	 demos	to run,	and what order to run them in.
       The default is ixezcydthnmbkgarwuvlsfjqo.  See  above  for  a  list  of

       Default	margins	 are all 0, and	thus the full screen will be rendered.
       Using -m, margins can be	supplied.  Provide a single number to set  all
       four  margins to	the same value,	or four	comma-delimited	values for the
       top, right, bottom, and left margins  respectively.   Negative  margins
       are illegal.

       Proper display requires:

       o A  terminal  advertising  the rgb terminfo(5) capability, or that the
	 environment variable COLORTERM	is defined to 24bit (and that the ter-
	 minal honors RGB escapes),

       o A monospaced font, and

       o Good Unicode support in your libc, font, and terminal emulator.

       The Debian version of notcurses-demo leaves out certain multimedia con-
       sidered non-free	under the Debian Free Software Guidelines.  As	a  re-
       sult,  the chunli, eagle, jungle, keller, luigi,	and view demos are un-
       available through the Debian package.  This applies to any distro which
       uses the	DFSG source tarball, including Ubuntu and Fedora.

       If  notcurses  is  built	without	multimedia support, the	chunli,	eagle,
       keller, outro, view, xray, and yield demos will be partially or	wholly
       unavailable.   If  notcurses  is	built without libqrcodegen, the	qrcode
       demo will be unavailable.

       If notcurses-demo is run	in a terminal lacking the can_change  terminfo
       capability, the jungle demo will	be skipped.

       The  following  keypresses  are recognized (and are also	available from
       the menu):

       o Ctrl-U: Toggle	the help screen.

       o H: Toggle the HUD.  The HUD shows the most recent and current	demos'
	 runtime  and  number of rendered frames.  It can be grabbed and moved
	 with the mouse.

       o P: Toggle the FPS graph.

       o Ctrl-R: Restart the demo.

       o Alt-d:	Toggle a window	with debugging information.

       o q: Quit.

       Benchmarking should be performed	using -c to get	 a  well-defined  PRNG
       seed.  JSON output via -J will probably be useful.

       Certain	demos  (especially mojibake and	allglyph) heavily exercise the
       font rendering stack.  If your font or rendering	 engine	 draws	glyphs
       with  width  different  from  that  reported  by	the standard library's
       wcwidth(3), Notcurses will have an incorrect notion  of	cursor	place-
       ment, leading to	undesirable behavior.

       o All code and design copyright Nick Black <>.

       o Images	 from  Street  Fighter	II  and	Mega Man 2 copyright Capcom of

       o Images	from Super Mario Bros.	copyright Nintendo of America.

       o Images	from Ninja Gaiden copyright Koei Tecmo America.

       o Images	from Final Fantasy copyright Square Enix Co Ltd.

       o "Jungle with Rain" copyright Mark Ferrari/Living Worlds.

       notcurses(3), ncurses(3NCURSES),	wcwidth(3), terminfo(5)

       nick black <>.

				    v2.1.4		     notcurses-demo(1)


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