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NFSSTAT(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		    NFSSTAT(1)

     nfsstat --	display	NFS statistics

     nfsstat [-cemoszW]	[-M core] [-N system] [-w wait]

     The nfsstat command displays statistics kept about	NFS client and server
     activity.	For the	NFSv4 server, the statistics are for operations	within
     the Compound RPCs and not the count of RPCs.  If you wish to compare RPC
     counts between NFSv3 and NFSv4, you must use statistics in	the client(s).

     The options are as	follows:

     -c	     Only display client side statistics.

     -e	     Report the	extra statistics collected by the new NFS client and
	     server for	NFSv4.	This option is incompatible with -o.

     -M	     Extract values associated with the	name list from the specified
	     core instead of the default /dev/kmem.

     -m	     Report the	mount options for all new NFS client mounts.  This
	     option overrides all others and nfsstat will exit after complet-
	     ing the report.  This option is only supported by the new NFS

     -N	     Extract the name list from	the specified system instead of	the
	     default /boot/kernel/kernel.

     -o	     Report statistics for the old NFS client and/or server.  Without
	     this option statistics for	the new	NFS client and/or server will
	     be	reported.

     -s	     Only display server side statistics.

     -W	     Use wide format with interval short summary.  This	option is
	     especially	useful when combined with -c or	-s and a time delay.

     -w	     Display a shorter summary of NFS activity for both	the client and
	     server at wait second intervals.

     -z	     Reset statistics after displaying them.

     /boot/kernel/kernel  default kernel namelist
     /dev/kmem		  default memory file

     fstat(1), netstat(1), ps(1), systat(1), sysctl(3),	iostat(8),
     nfsdumpstate(8), pstat(8),	vmstat(8)

     The nfsstat command appeared in 4.4BSD.

FreeBSD	11.1			  May 1, 2013			  FreeBSD 11.1


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