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       ncoffsets - print the starting/ending file offsets for netCDF variables

       ncoffsets [-h] |	[-x] | [-sgr] [-v var1[,...]]  file

       ncoffsets prints	the file offsets information of	variables defined in a
       given netCDF file. The ending offsets reported is an exclusive  offset,
       i.e.  1 byte more than the last byte occupied by	the variable. In other
       words, the ending offset	is equal to the	sum of starting	offset and the
       variable	 size.	For record variables, only the offsets of first	record
       are printed. Add	option -r to print the offsets of all records.

       If no argument is given,	command	usage information is printed.

       -v var1[,...]
	      The output will include data values for the specified variables.
	      One or more variables must be specified by name in the comma-de-
	      limited list following this option.  The list must be  a	single
	      argument	to  the	 command, hence	cannot contain blanks or other
	      white space characters.	The  named  variables  must  be	 valid
	      netCDF  variables	 in the	input file.  The default, without this
	      option is	to include data	values for all variables in  the  out-

       -s     Print the	variable size in bytes.	For record variables, only the
	      size of one record is printed.

       -g     Print the	gap in bytes from the previous variable. For the first
	      defined variable,	print the gap from the end of file header. For
	      record variables,	there is no gap	between	records.

       -r     Output the offset	information for	all records  of	 the  selected
	      record  variables.   Without  this  option,  only	the offsets of
	      first record are printed.

       -x     Check all	fixed-size variable for	file space gaps	in between any
	      two  immediately	adjacent variables. It prints "1" on stdout if
	      gaps are found, "0" for otherwise. This option disables all oth-
	      er options.

       -h     Print the	available command-line options

       Print the file offset information for all variables in a	netCDF file.

       % ncoffsets -sg
       netcdf {
       //file format: CDF-1

       file header:
	    size   = 340 bytes
	    extent = 340 bytes

	    x =	100
	    y =	100
	    z =	100
	    time = UNLIMITED //	(100 currently)

       fixed-size variables:
	    double square(x, y):
		   start file offset =	       340
		   end	 file offset =	     80340
		   size	in bytes     =	     80000
		   gap from prev var =		 0
	    double cube(x, y, z):
		   start file offset =	     80340
		   end	 file offset =	   8080340
		   size	in bytes     =	   8000000
		   gap from prev var =		 0

       record variables:
	    double time(time):
		   start file offset =	   8080340    (record 0)
		   end	 file offset =	   8081140    (record 0)
		   size	in bytes     =		 8    (of one record)
		   gap from prev var =		 0
	    double xytime(time,	x, y):
		   start file offset =	   8080348    (record 0)
		   end	 file offset =	  16080348    (record 0)
		   size	in bytes     =	     80000    (of one record)
		   gap from prev var =		 0

       Check if	there are gaps in between two adjacent fixed-size variables.

       % ncoffsets -x


       $Date: 2016-11-16 15:33:05 -0600	(Wed, 16 Nov 2016) $

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