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NCIDUTIL(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	   NCIDUTIL(1)

       ncidutil	- manipulate entries in	the alias, blacklist and whitelist

	ncidutil [--help|-h] [--man|-m]	[--version|-V]

	ncidutil [--multi "<blacklist and/or whitelist file names>"]
		 [--regex|-R] [--ignore1|-i] <arguments>

       The ncidutil script is designed to be called by the NCID	server in
       response	to client requests.  Five arguments are	required.

       The ncidutil script can add, modify or remove an	alias from the alias
       file.  If an alias is modified or removed and if	the hangup option of
       the server is enabled, ncidutil will add	or remove the alias entry in
       the blacklist and/or whitelist files.

       The "--multi" option is used to determine if the	blacklist and
       whitelist files should be searched for an alias or if an	entry should
       be added	or removed from	the files.  The	entry can be an	alias in the
       alias file.

       -h, --help Displays the help message and	exits.

       -m, --man  Displays the manual page and exits.

       -V, --version
		  Displays the version and exits.

       -i, --ignore1
		  This is a US/Canada option only.

		  A leading one	in an alias definition and in the calling
		  number is ignored.

		  Normally an alias requires the calling number	as it appears
		  in the cidcall.log.  In the US a leading 1 may or may	not be
		  provided in incoming or outgoing calls.

		  Default: The number for the alias entry must match the
		  calling number.

       --multi "<blacklist> <whitelist>"
		  Specifies the	names of the blacklist and whitelist files to
		  update when an alias is modified. If both are	specified,
		  separate each	with a space.

		  Default: ""

       -R, --regex <0-2>
		  If regex = 0,	uses Simple Expressions.

		  If regex = 1,	uses Posix Regular Expressions.

		  If regex = 2,	uses Perl-compatible Expressions.

		  Default: Uses	Simple Expressions.

       <filename> Name of the alias, blacklist,	or whitelist file.

       <list>	  The case-sensitive type of list: Alias, Blacklist, Whitelist

       <action>	  add, modify, remove

		   for list = Alias:	 add, remove, or modify
		   for list = Blacklist: add or	remove
		   for list = Whitelist: add or	remove

		   For list = Alias,	 item =	"number&&alias".
		   For list = Blacklist, item =	"number|name&&".
		   For list = Whitelist, item =	"number|name&&".

		  Quotes are required.

		   number is the number	in the call file
		   alias is from the user
		   name	is the name in the call	file

		   For list = Alias,	 extra is "type&&name".
		   For list = Blacklist, extra is a optional "comment".
		   For list = Whitelist, extra is a optional "comment".

		  Quotes are required.

		   name	is the name in the call	file
		   type	is the uppercase alias type or NOALIAS:

       ncidd.conf.5, ncidd.alias.5, ncidd.blacklist.5, ncidd.whitelist.5,
       cidalias.1, cidcall.1, cidupdate.1

perl v5.32.1			  2021-11-21			   NCIDUTIL(1)


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