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mybashburn(1)		      burn data	and songs		 mybashburn(1)

       mybashburn - it can burn	data cds/dvds and create mp3/ogg/flac.

       MyBashBurn  is a	Terminal User Interface	(TUI) frontend based of	the CD
       burning shell script called BashBurn for	Linux;	this  originally  does
       not  have  the  best  eye-candy CD-burning UI, nevertheless, mybashburn
       uses dialog boxes/functions which draws (using  ncurses)	 windows  onto
       the  screen.  MyBashBurn	dialog boxes offer good	functionality, and has
       very good capabilities of automatically finding dependencies  and  auto
       detecting devices CD/DVD	RW. In short, do not reinvent the wheel	- just
       let MyBashBurn do what you want it to do.

       MyBashBurn can burn data	cds, music cds,	multisession cds. It can  burn
       and  create ISO files. It can burn bin/cue files, create	mp3s, oggs and
       flac files. Supports burning DVD-images and data	DVDs, and others funny
       options.	 MyBashBurn  depends  on  cdrecord and others backend applica-
       tions, so basically if your writing device works	 with  it,  MyBashBurn
       will work flawlessly.

       To run this program type: mybashburn

       When  enter for first time, remember setup MyBashBurn in	the menu "Con-
       figure MyBashBurn" before trying	to use	it.  Alternatively  check  you
       system  by the backend applications using the option in the menu	"Check
       Program Paths" search function and install manually if not FOUND	them.

       /etc/mybashburnrc - mybashburn admin settings.

       ~/.mybashburnrc - mybashburn user settings.

       /usr/share/mybashburn/* - Root shell scripts directory.

       The code	is some	horrific and when running in any X TERM	thats is  nec-
       essary change the window	size manually.

       Please  report  any  bugs  found	 in  this  version  of	MyBashBurn  to
       <> or post on the MyBashBurn mailing list.

       This is free software. You may redistribute  copies  of	it  under  the
       terms   of  the	GNU  General  Public  License  <
       censes/gpl.html>. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

       Wilmer Jaramillo	M. <>
	 by MyBashBurn Full Dialog Box and this	man.

       Anders Linden <>
	 by BashBurn Core.

       Thanks all users	and developers of BashBurn.

       This man	was written for	Fedora but also	can be used for	others.

       Please send mails about translation and documentation to	the mybashburn
       mailing list.

       mybashburnrc(5) - FIXME:	Document this.

       mybashburn homepage: (

MyBashBurn 1.0.2		  2007-01-06			 mybashburn(1)


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