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MUNIN-GET(1)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	  MUNIN-GET(1)

       munin-get - a simple tool for managing plugins from remote repositories

       The small management tool "munin-get" supports the following actions:

       clone one or more git repositories containing munin plugins
       multiple	remote repositories can	be used
       list all	found plugins (including change	timestamp and description)
       "install" a plugin (by default to: /var/munin/munin-get-plugins)
       "enable"	a plugin (create a symlink to /usr/local/etc/munin/plugins/)
       upgrade plugins (and review changes before)

       The primary purpose of this tool	is the simplification of the process
       of using	plugins	from munin's contrib repository.

       All actions except "install", "enable" and "disable" can	be run as a
       regular user.  Please note that the non-privileged commands use
       directories relative to $HOME by	default	(can be	overridden).  Thus
       sudo or a similar tool should be	used for gaining privileges.  Of
       course, everything can also be done as root.

       The separate "install" step works around	potential problems with
       systemd hardening flags or other	security policies, which may prevent
       files in	/root/ or below	/home/ from being accessed by the "munin-node"
       service process.

   Discover, inspect, install, enable and test a plugin
	   munin-get update
	   munin-get list
	   munin-get search throughput
	   munin-get doc contrib/traffic
	   munin-get install contrib/traffic
	   munin-get enable contrib/traffic
	   munin-run traffic
	   service munin-node restart	# for systemd: systemctl restart munin-node

   Review and apply changes from the upstream repository
	   munin-get update
	   munin-get list-upgradeable
	   munin-get diff-upgradeable
	   munin-get upgrade

   Add custom 3rd party	git repositories
	   munin-get add-repository foo
	   munin-get add-repository bar branch-tested plugins/
	   munin-get update

       Repositories are	cloned below ~/.cache/munin/munin-get/repositories

       Manual changes in the cloned repositories should	be avoided.

       The separate "install" and "enable" procedure is	necessary due to
       possible	process	namespace / hardening features enabled for "munin-
       node". Thus the target of the symlink is	located	in a path that can be
       expected	to be usable even for a	restricted "munin-node"	process.

       Additionally the	separate "install" location allows the manual review
       of upstream changes before applying these locally.

       Lars Kruse <>


perl v5.32.0			  2020-08-27			  MUNIN-GET(1)

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