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multi-aterm(0.1)		    X Tools		      multi-aterm(0.1)

       multi-aterm - a tabbed VT102 terminal emulator for X-Window

       multi-aterm [options]

       multi-aterm  is	a  terminal emulator. It is based on aterm 0.4.2, fea-
       tures most of functionalties of aterm (pseudo fast-transparency,	 next-
       step  look scroll bar) and mostly and notebook functionality. Thus, you
       can have	several	terminals in the same window.  Each  terminal  can  be
       configure  (name,  background,  ...)  with  a  configuration file. Like
       aterm, it aims to be light and fast and	desktop	 independant,  meaning
       KDE  or	GNOME  are  not	required.  Several configurations files	can be
       used. Specific files override resources of standard files, and  options
       override	resources found	in files.


       -display|-d displayname

       -tn termname
	      value of the TERM	environment variable

       -geometry|-g  geometry
	      geometry at startup

	      reverse video

	      transparent background


	      scrollbar	on right

	      transparent scrollbar

	      scrollbar	without	a trough

	      scroll-on-tty-output inhibit


       -tint  color tinted transparency	color

       -sh %  make transparent background x% darker

       -bgtype type
	      transformation type for background pixmap

       -tinttype type
	      function applied for background tinting

       -txttype	type
	      function applied for text	drawing

       -pixmap file[;geometry]
	      background pixmap, tranparency must be turn off

       -name name
	      client instance, icon, and title strings

       -n fontname
	      icon name	for window

	      start iconic

       -sl number
	      number of	scrolled lines to save

       -tn name
	      value of the TERM	environment variable

       -fg color
	      foreground color

       -bg color
	      background color

	      login shell

       -bw number
	      border width

       -mbw number
	      minimum number of	columns	stored in buffer

	      utmp inhibit

	      visual bell

       -bd color
	      border color

       -nt number
	      numbers of tab at	startup

       -fade fontname
	      make colors x% darker when aterm is loosing focus

       -font fontname
	      normal text font

       -fb fontname
	      bold text	font

       -cf file
	      resource configuration file

       -C     intercept	console	messages

       Here  is	 list of resources supported by	multi-aterm. Each as a default
       value assigned to it.  multi-aterm support the XTerm class and applica-
       tion  name  is materm. The first	character of class components is capi-
       talized and the first letter of name components is in  lowercase.   For
       example,	XTerm.Foreground is a class component and materm.foreground is
       a name component.  Below	is the list of resource	:

       XTerm.Geometry: geometry
	      set the geometry

       XTerm.ReverseVideo: boolean

       XTerm.Foreground: color

       XTerm.Background: color

       XTerm.LoginShell: boolean

       XTerm.BorderWidth: number

       XTerm.Scrollbar:	boolean

       XTerm.ScrollbarRight: boolean

       XTerm.ScrollbarFloating:	boolean

       XTerm.ScrollbarTtyOutput: boolean

       XTerm.ScrollbarTtyKeypress: boolean

       XTerm.Transpscrollbar: boolean

       XTerm.ScrollColor: color

       XTerm.TroughColor: color

       XTerm.Vt.Transparent: boolean

       XTerm.Vt.Tinting: color

       XTerm.Vt.Shading: amount

       XTerm.Vt.BgType:	type

       XTerm.Vt.TintingType: type

       XTerm.Vt.Pixmap:	ile[;geometry]

       XTerm.Vt.Title: name

       XTerm.Vt.SaveLines: number

       XTerm.TextType: type

       XTerm.Name: name

       XTerm.IconName: name

       XTerm.TermName: name

       XTerm.MinBufferWidth: number

       XTerm.UtmpInhibit: boolean

       XTerm.VisualBell: boolean

       XTerm.BorderColor: color

       XTerm.NbTerm: number

       XTerm.Fading: amount

       XTerm.Colorn: color

       XTerm.ColorBD: color

       XTerm.ColorUL: color

       XTerm.Path: path

       XTerm.FontName: fontname

       XTerm.BoldFont: fontname

       XTerm.Fontn: fontname

       XTerm.MFont: fontname

       XTerm.MFontn: fontname

       XTerm.PointerColor: color

       XTerm.CursorColor: color

       XTerm.CursorColor2: color

       XTerm.Bigfont_key: keysym

       XTerm.Smallfont_key: keysym

       XTerm.Cutchars: string

       XTerm.Meta8: keysym

       XTerm.Modifier: keysym

       XTerm.Backspacekey: keysym

       XTerm.Deletekey:	keysym

       XTerm.MapAlert: keysym

	      XTerm.Geometry: 80x25
	      XTerm.Scrollbar: True
	      XTerm.Vt.Transparent: True
	      XTerm.Vt.Shading:	70
	      XTerm.Vt.SaveLines: 300
	      materm.vt0.shading: 90
	      materm.vt0.title:	me
	      materm.vt1.title:	root
	      materm.vt1.saveLines: 20
	      Put those	lines in your $HOME/.Xdefaults file or in a configura-
	      tion file	you will load with -cf _file_ at startup.

	      System file for login records.

	      Color names.

	      if enable	at compiled time, this is the first configuration file

	      if presents, resources read from this file override existing re-

	      if .Xdefaults was	not found, try this one.

       You  have several shortcut to ease the use of the app. Here is the lsit
       of shortcut :
       ctrl+alt+n : create a new terminal
       ctrl+d :	close a	terminal (note this is a shell sequence)
       shift+left_arrow: active	left terminal
       shift+right_arrow: active right terminal
       shift+up_arrow: sroll up	line by	line
       shift+down_arrow: sroll down line by line
       shift+page_up: sroll up screen by screen
       shift+page_down:	sroll down screen by screen

       Transparency is global, not specific to a terminal
       The same	apply for the bgtype
       Some problems with pseudo-terminal somethimes
       Font size change	is working very	bad
       This man	page is	not finished

       John Bovey
	      University of Kent, 1992,	wrote the original Xvt.

       Rob Nation _nation@rocket.sanders.lockheed.com_
	      very heavily modified Xvt	and came up with Rxvt

       Angelo Haritsis
	      wrote the	Greek Keyboard Input

       mj olesen _olesen@me.QueensU.CA_
	      Wrote the	menu system.
	      Project Coordinator (changes.txt 2.11 to 2.21)

       Oezguer Kesim _kesim@math.fu-berlin.de_
	      Project Coordinator (changes.txt 2.21a to	2.4.5)

       Geoff Wing _gcw@pobox.com_
	      Rewrote screen display and text selection	routines.
	      Project Coordinator (changes.txt 2.4.6 - )

       Sasha Vasko _sashav@sprintmail.com_
	      branched rxvt with Alfredo Kojima	additions to aterm.

       Alexis _materm@tuxfamily.org_
	      Modifications of aterm to	add tabbed terminals and notebook bar.

X Version 11		       14 November 2003		      multi-aterm(0.1)


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