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MTRACE6(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		    MTRACE6(8)

     mtrace6 --	print IPv6 multicast path from a source	to a receiver

     mtrace6 [-d destination] [-g gateway] [-h hops] [-i interface] [-l	link]
	     [-m maxhops] [-n] [-r response_addr] [-w waittime]	source group

     mtrace6 utilizes a	tracing	feature	implemented in multicast routers that
     is	accessed via an	extension to the MLD protocol. A trace query is	passed
     hop-by-hop	along the reverse path from the	destination to the source,
     collecting	hop addresses, packet counts, and routing error	conditions
     along the path, and then the response is returned to the requester.

     -d	destination
	     Specifies the multicast receiver that the query wants to trace.
	     It	is the host running mtrace6 by default.

     -g	gateway
	     Send the trace query via unicast directly to the multicast	router
	     gateway.  A unicast router	must be	the last-hop router on the
	     path from the intended source to the receiver.  gateway can also
	     be	a multicast address that the last hop router joins.

     -h	hops
	     Set the query hop limit to	hops.  The default is 64.

     -i	interface
	     Specifies the local interface (on a multi-homed host) for sending
	     the trace query and for receiving responses.

     -l	link
	     Specifies the link	for the	default	first destination, ff02::1, of
	     the trace query.  This option is effective	only when the -g op-
	     tion is not specified, and	cannot coexist with the	option.	 The
	     link can be a numeric link	identifier, or the interface name on
	     the link when there is one	to one mapping between links and in-

     -m	maxhops
	     Set to maxhops to the maximum number of hops that will be traced
	     from the receiver back toward the source. The default is 127

     -n	     Print hop addresses numerically rather than symbolically and nu-
	     merically (saves a	nameserver address-to-name lookup for each
	     router found on the path).

     -r	response_addr
	     Specify the host that the trace response sends to.	 By default,
	     the response will send to the host	running	mtrace6.

     -w	waittime
	     Set the time to wait for a	trace response to waittime seconds.
	     The default is 3 seconds.

     pim6dd(8),	pim6sd(8), mtrace(8)

     Multicast trace for IPv6 is experimental. MLD types for query and re-
     sponse, and packet	format are not officially defined.

     waittime specified	by the -w option is currently meaningless.

     The mtrace6 command first appeared	in WIDE/KAME IPv6 protocol stack kit.

KAME				 Sep 12, 1999				  KAME


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