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mt-libtt-intro(special file)			  mt-libtt-intro(special file)

       mt-libtt-intro -- introduction to multi-thread safe ToolTalk library.

       To enable developers to write multithreaded applications, the Tt/tt_c.h
       header defines the following features:

	   typedef enum	tt_feature {
	       _TT_FEATURE_MULTITHREADED = 1,  // Thread-safety
	       _TT_FEATURE_LAST		       // Enum end marker
	   } Tt_feature;

       Note that the TT_FEATURE_MULTITHREADED value is part of the  libtt  bi-
       nary interface.

       These  features are accessed by calling code with corresponding #define


       Developers can write multi-threaded applications	for  ToolTalk  without
       managing	 locks	around	ToolTalk  resources  explicitly	in application
       code.  Note that	threading inside ToolTalk is not supported.

       An extended version of the Xthreads.h thread API	wrappers has been used
       so that multithreaded libtt is easily portable to various thread	imple-

       A process-wide lock is used to protect internal	libtt  resources.  Be-
       cause  few  applications	 spend	a  significant amount of their time in
       libtt, a	more fine-grained locking approach is not required.

       A few ToolTalk global values, such as the default procid	and the	 stor-
       age  stack manipulated by the tt_mark and tt_release calls, must	have a
       consistent state	as seen	by one thread across ToolTalk API calls. These
       global  values  have been made into thread-specific data. The calls de-
       scribed below are used to initialize this behavior and  manipulate  the
       new  data.  The	other  API  calls  have	been modified to reference the
       thread-specific value instead of	the process-wide value when a  thread-
       specific	 value	has been set for the current thread. If	no thread-spe-
       cific value has been set	for the	current	thread,	the process-wide value
       is used.

       The  following  ToolTalk	 API calls implement support for multithreaded

		 Queries the ToolTalk service to see if	 a  specified  feature
		 has  been  enabled.  This allows libtt	to determine if	multi-
		 threaded execution has	been enabled by	the main program,  and
		 to modify its behavior	accordingly.

		 Declares a feature to be required by the calling code.	If the
		 feature is available, tt_feature_required enables it. If  the
		 feature  requires  the	 ToolTalk service to perform some ini-
		 tialization (for example, TT_FEATURE_MULTITHREADED), the ini-
		 tialization is	performed in this call.	Some features (such as
		 TT_FEATURE_MULTITHREADED) require this	call to	be made	before
		 calling tt_open.

		 Returns  the  identifier  of the session in which a specified
		 procid	was opened.

		 Returns the current default procid for	 the  currently-active
		 thread.   If  there  is no default procid set for the thread,
		 then the process default procid is returned.

		 Sets the default procid for the currently active thread.  The
		 default  procid  is an	implicit argument to most ToolTalk API

		 Retrieves the default session identifier  for	the  currently
		 active	 thread.  If  there  is	no default session set for the
		 currently-active thread, then	the  process  default  session
		 identifier is returned.

		 Sets  the default session identifier for the currently	active
		 thread. The ToolTalk service uses the initial user session as
		 the  default session and supports one session per procid. The
		 application can make this call	before	it  calls  tt_open  to
		 specify  which	 session  it wants to connect to in the	active

       Note that since the multithreaded feature may not be available  on  all
       platforms, the tt_feature_enabled function is provided to query for the
       existence of the	feature. The intent is that even platforms that	do not
       enable  the  multithreaded  feature should implement the	thread-related
       calls, returning	TT_ERR_UNIMP. This allows a run-time check without un-
       resolved	symbol problems.

       Tt/tt_c.h  -  Tttt_c(5),	tt_feature_enabled(3), tt_feature_required(3),
       tt_procid_session(3),   tt_thread_procid(3),   tt_thread_procid_set(3),
       tt_thread_session(3), tt_thread_session(3)

						  mt-libtt-intro(special file)


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