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MSTMCRA(1)			 User Commands			    MSTMCRA(1)

       mstmcra	-  manual  page	for mstmcra   Mellanox Configuration Registers
       Access tool

	      Mellanox Configuration Registers Access tool Usage: mstmcra  [-s
	      <i2c-slave>] [-a <adb dump>] [-v]	[-h] [-c] <device>

	      <addr[.<bit  offset>:<bit	 size>]|[,<bytes  number>]>  [data] If
	      data is given, operation is write. Otherwise it is read.	 If  a
	      bit range	is given in the	address	(E.G.: 0xf0014.16:8):

       For read
	      -	Only the requested bits	are printed.

	      For  write  -  Read-Modify-Write.	 Only  the  requested bits are

	      If 'bytes	number'	is given in the	address	(E.G.: 0xf0014,16):

       For read
	      -	Will read a block (its size is the given bytes number).

	      For write	- User need to give list of dwrods to write,

	      number of	dwords should be (bytes	number/4).


	      Reads/writes a single word from/to a device configuration	regis-
	      ter space

       -s <i2c-slave> :	I2C slave address.

       -a <dump	file> :	adb dump file, used for	access by path.

       -c     :	clear the device's PCI semaphore.

       -h     :	Print this help	message.

       -v     :	Display	version	info

   Environment Variables:
	      :	 Holds	the  path to adb dump, used for	access by path (can be
	      overridden by "-a").

       The full	documentation for mstmcra is maintained	as a  Texinfo  manual.
       If  the	info and mstmcra programs are properly installed at your site,
       the command

	      info mstmcra

       should give you access to the complete manual.

mstmcra	  Mellanox Configuration RMarche2020ccess tool		    MSTMCRA(1)


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