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mrxvt(1)			    X Tools			      mrxvt(1)

       mrxvt - a tabbed	VT102 terminal emulator	for X Window System

       mrxvt [options...]

       The  mrxvt program is a terminal	emulator for X Window System.  It pro-
       vides DEC VT102 compatible terminals for	programs that cannot  use  the
       window system directly.

       Mrxvt  is  based	on rxvt	2.7.11 CVS, features most of functionalties of
       rxvt and	mostly the multi-tab functionality. Thus, you can have several
       terminals  in  the  same	 window. Like rxvt, it aims to be light, fast,
       flexible	and desktop independant, thus KDE or GNOME are not required.

       The primary features of mrxvt include (but not limit to)	multi-tab  and
       runtime	changeable  tab	titles,	command	for each tab, input broadcast-
       ing, true translucent window, fast pseudo-transparent background,  user
       supplied	 background images (XPM, JPEG, PNG), background	color tinting,
       off-focus fading, text shadow, multiple style (NeXT, Rxvt, Xterm,  SGI,
       Plain)  scrollbar,  XIM,	 multi-languages  (Chinese, Korean, Japanese),
       freetype	font and logging.

       Mrxvt can be configured with a  resource	 file.	Several	 configuration
       files can be used, and by default it is ~/.mrxvtrc. Alternative config-
       uration files are ~/.Xdefaults and ~/.Xresources.  Configuration	 files
       specified  by command line option -cf override the X resources of stan-
       dard files, and command line options  override  X  resources  found  in

       Mrxvt  accepts the following command line options (if the option	begins
       with a `+' instead of a `-', the	option is turned off).	 Some  options
       have  corresponding  X resource names, and they are listed in []	in the
       format like [resource_name]. Notice that	the resource  names  are  case
       sensitive.  Make	 sure  you  write  them	correctly in the configuration

       -name name
	      client instance, icon, and title strings [clientName]

       -n iconname
	      icon name	for window [iconName]

	      start iconic

       -display|-d displayname
	      X	display	name, the X server to contact

       -tn termname
	      value of the TERM	environment variable [termName]

       -title string
	      title name of the	window [title]

       -geometry|-g  geometry
	      geometry at startup [geometry]

       -o %d  transluscent window (true	transparent)  background  opacity  de-
	      gree.   %d  is  an  integer between 0 and	100. This option needs
	      transluscent support by the X server, e.g., Xorg 6.8, and	 over-
	      rides the	pseudo-transparency [opacity]

       -od number
	      translucent  window  opacity  degree increase/decrease interval.
	      The number is between 0 and 100 [opacityDegree]

	      background pseudo-transparency [transparent]

	      pseudo-transparent menubar background, pseudo-transparency  must
	      be turned	on [transparentMenubar]

	      pseudo-transparent   scrollbar  background,  pseudo-transparency
	      must be turned on	[transparentScrollbar]

	      pseudo-transparent tabbar	background,  pseudo-transparency  must
	      be turned	on [transparentTabbar]

       -pixmap file[;geometry]
	      background  image	 for  all  terminals  if not set individually,
	      pseudo-transparency must be turned off [Pixmap]

       -vt%d.pixmap file[;geometry]
	      background image for %d terminal.	%d is an integer and it	starts
	      from   0,	 NOT  1!!!  Pseudo-transparency	 must  be  turned  off

       -tbpixmap file[;geometry]
	      tabbar background	image, pseudo-transparency must	be turned  off

	      apply tabbar background image to tabs [tabPixmap]

       -mbpixmap file[;geometry]
	      menubar background image,	pseudo-transparency must be turned off

       -sbpixmap file[;geometry]
	      scrollbar	background image, pseudo-transparency must  be	turned
	      off [scrollbarPixmap]

	      scrollbar	[scrollBar]

       -j|+j  jump scrolling [jumpScroll]

	      scrollbar	on right [scrollbarRight]

	      scrollbar	without	a trough [scrollbarFloating]

	      scrollbar	thickness/width	[scrollbarThickness]

	      scrollbar	style: plain|xterm|rxvt|next|sgi [scrollbarStyle]

	      scrollbar	alignment: top|bottom [scrollbarAlign]

	      scroll with buffer [scrollWithBuffer]

	      scroll-on-tty-output inhibit [scrollTtyOutputInhibit]

	      scroll-on-keypress [scrollTtyKeypress]

       -sl number
	      number  of  scrolled  lines to save for all terminals if not set
	      individually. The	maximal	number of saved	lines is 65535	[save-
	      Lines]	number
	      number of	scrolled lines to save for %d terminal.	%d is an inte-
	      ger and it starts	from 0,	NOT 1!!! The maximal number  of	 saved
	      lines is 65535 [vt%d.saveLines]

       -bgfade %d
	      make colors %d darker for	background image or pseudo-transparent
	      background. %d is	an integer between 0 and 100. This  option  is
	      different	 from tinting and shade	below! But you can think it as
	      tinting the background with black	color [backgroundFade]

       -fade %d
	      make colors %d darker when mrxvt is loosing focus. %d is an  in-
	      teger between 0 and 100 [fading]

       -tint color
	      color  tinted  on	 background  image or pseudo-transparent back-
	      ground, shade degree must	be defined as well [tintColor]

       -shade %d
	      shade background by %d degree when tinting the  background  with
	      color. %d	is an integer between 0	and 100	[shading]

       -tinttype type
	      function applied for background tinting (not implemented yet)

       -bgtype type
	      transformation type for background pixmap	(not implemented yet)

       -txttype	type
	      function applied for text	drawing	(not implemented yet)

       -vt%d.fg	color
	      foreground  color	of %d terminal.	%d is an integer and it	starts
	      from 0, NOT 1!!! [vt%d.foreground]	color
	      background color of %d terminal. %d is an	integer	and it	starts
	      from 0, NOT 1!!! [vt%d.background]

       -fg color
	      default foreground color [foreground]

       -bg color
	      default background color [background]

       -ufbg color
	      default background color when lose focus [ufBackground]

       -tabfg color
	      foreground color of tabbar [tabForeground]

       -tabbg color
	      background color of tabbar and active tabs [tabBackground]

       -itabfg color
	      foreground color of inactive tabs	[itabForeground]

       -itabbg color
	      background color of inactive tabs	[itabBackground]

       -bd color
	      border color [borderColor]

       -cr color
	      color of cursor [cursorColor]

       -pr color
	      color of pointer [pointerColor]

       -ts color
	      color of text shadow [textShadow]

       -tsm mode
	      text   shadow   mode,   specify	shadow	 position   of	 text:

       -fn fontname
	      normal text X11 font name	[font]

       -fb fontname
	      bold text	X11 font name [boldFont]

       -fm fontname
	      multichar	text X11 font name [mfont]

       -xftfn fontname
	      normal text freetype font	family.	The xft	option must be enabled

       -xftfm fontname
	      multichar	text freetype font family. The xft option must be  en-
	      abled [xftmFont]

       -xftmsz number
	      freetype	multichar  font	 size in pixel.	The xft	option must be
	      enabled [xftmSize]

	      display freetype multichar string	in slow	mode for  better  dis-
	      play effect. The xft option must be enabled [xftSlowOutput]

	      do  not load freetype mfont, use freetype	font instead. This can
	      avoid large line space if	the size of font and  mfont  are  very
	      different.  The xft option must be enabled [xftNomFont]

	      use  freetype font instead of X11	font. This option controls all
	      other freetype font related options [xft]

	      antialias	of freetype font. This makes font  look	 more  polish,
	      but significantly	slows down the rendering speed.	The xft	option
	      must be enabled [xftAntialias]

	      hinting of  freetype  font.  The	xft  option  must  be  enabled

	      autohint	of  freetype font. The xft option must be enabled [xf-

	      global advance of	freetype font. The xft option must be  enabled

       -xftwt style
	      freetype	font weight: light|medium|bold.	The xft	option must be
	      enabled  [xftWeight]

       -xftst style
	      freetype font slant: roman|italic|oblique. The xft  option  must
	      be enabled  [xftSlant]

       -xftrgb style
	      freetype	font  sub-pixel	order: rgb|bgr|vrgb|vbgr|none. The xft
	      option must be enabled  [xftRGBA]

       -xftsz number
	      freetype font size in pixel. The	xft  option  must  be  enabled

       -xftrwd style
	      freetype	font  width: ultracondensed|condensed|normal|expanded|
	      ultraexpanded. The xft option must be enabled  [xftWidth]

       -tt string
	      tab title	for all	terminals if not set individually [tabTitle]	string
	      tab title	for %d terminal. %d is an integer and it  starts  from
	      0, NOT 1!!! [vt%d.tabTitle]

       -vt%d.e string
	      command  to  execute  for	 %d  terminal. %d is an	integer	and it
	      starts from 0, NOT 1!!! [vt%d.command]

	      run shell	in each	tab before executing a tab  command.  Thus  if
	      the tab command exits, the tab will not quit. [tabShell]

	      run  command  for	 each tab only once on initialization, so that
	      later new	terminal will run default shell	 instead  of  the  tab
	      command [cmdInitTabs]

	      run -e command for all terminals,	this overrides the the default
	      behavior that the	-e command is only  effective  for  the	 first
	      terminal.	 It  also  overrides  the  behavior  of	 tabShell [cm-

       -tnum number
	      numbers of terminals at startup [initTermNumber]

	      protect tab from being closed  if	 it  is	 using	the  secondary
	      screen,  for  example, when the user is running vi or pine, this
	      can prevent the terminal from being accidently closed  [protect-

	      synchronize  terminal  title with	tab title when switch to a new
	      tab or the title of the active tab changes [syncTabTitle]

	      synchronize icon name with tab title when	switch to a new	tab or
	      the title	of the active tab changes [syncTabIcon]

	      show color text with bold	font [veryBoldFont]

	      hide tabbar on initialization [hideTabbar]

	      show tabbar at bottom [bottomTabbar]

	      hide buttons in the tabbar [hideButtons]

       -mcc +mcc
	      multichar	cursor movement	[multibyte_cursor]

       -km mode
	      multichar	encoding mode [multichar_encoding]

       -im name
	      name of X	Input Method (XIM) [inputMethod]

       -pt mode
	      XIM input	style: OverTheSpot|OffTheSpot|Root [preeditType]

       -thai +thai
	      Thai support [thai]

       -grk mode
	      Greek keyboard mapping: iso|ibm [greek_keyboard]

	      show menubar [showMenu]

	      triple click word	selection [tripleclickwords]

	      cursor blinking [cursorBlink]

       -bci number
	      cursor blinking interval (ms) [cursorBlinkInterval]

	      login shell [loginShell]

	      borderless window	[borderLess]

	      override redirect	[overrideRedirect]

       -b number
	      internal border width [internalBorder]

       -bw number
	      external border width [externalBorder]

       -w number
	      external border width [externalBorder]

       -lsp number
	      space between rows [lineSpace]

	      disable keyboard shortcuts, including user defined shortcuts and
	      all default shortcuts [disableHotkeys]

	      disable all default keyboard shortcuts, but user defined	short-
	      cuts still work

	      enable Linux console style Home/End keys

       -mod mode
	      meta modifier: alt|meta|hyper|super|mod1|...|mod5	[modifier]

	      visual bell [visualBell]

       -blc string
	      bell command instead of beeping [bellCommand]

	      enable meta8 [meta8]

	      scroll one page when press mouse wheel button [mouseWheelScroll-

	      reverse video [reverseVideo]

	      hold the terminal	when the child process in it exits [holdExit]

       -het string
	      message to display on terminal title when	 a  terminal  is  held

       -desktop	number
	      desktop  to  place  the window (for gnome	compatible window man-
	      ager).  The number starts	from 0,	NOT 1!!! [desktop]

	      broadcasting input to all	terminals [broadcast]

	      utmp inhibit [utmpInhibit]

       -cf filename
	      X	resource configuration file

       -cfs filename
	      X	resource configuration file to save the	current	 configuration

	      enable X session management [sessionMgt]

       -sid string
	      client identity of mrxvt for X session management	[smClientID]

       -C     intercept	console	messages

       Here  is	 list of resources supported by	mrxvt. Each as a default value
       assigned	to it. Mrxvt supports the XTerm	class and application name  is
       mrxvt.  The  first character of class components	is capitalized and the
       first  letter  of  name	components  is	in  lowercase.	For   example,
       XTerm.Foreground	 is  a	class component	and mrxvt.foreground is	a name
       component. Below	is the list of resources:

       mrxvt.geometry: geometry

       mrxvt.reverseVideo: boolean

       mrxvt.foreground: color

       mrxvt.background: color

       mrxvt.ufBackground: color

       mrxvt.tabForeground: color

       mrxvt.tabBackground: color

       mrxvt.iTabForeground: color

       mrxvt.iTabBackground: color

       mrxvt.loginShell: boolean

       mrxvt.borderLess: boolean

       mrxvt.overrideRedirect: boolean

       mrxvt.borderWidth: number file[;geometry]

       mrxvt.showMenu: boolean

       mrxvt.scrollBar:	boolean

       mrxvt.scrollbarAlign: mode

       mrxvt.scrollbarRight: boolean

       mrxvt.scrollbarThickness: number

       mrxvt.scrollbarFloating:	boolean

       mrxvt.scrollbarStyle: mode

       mrxvt.scrollWithBuffer: boolean

       mrxvt.scrollTtyOutputInhibit: boolean

       mrxvt.scrollTtyKeypress:	boolean

       mrxvt.scrollColor: color

       mrxvt.troughColor: color

       mrxvt.opacity: number

       mrxvt.opacityDegree: number

       mrxvt.transparent: boolean

       mrxvt.transparentForce: boolean

       mrxvt.transparentScrollbar: boolean

       mrxvt.transparentMenubar: boolean

       mrxvt.transparentTabbar:	boolean

       mrxvt.initTermNumber: number

       mrxvt.tabbarPixmap: file[;geometry]

       mrxvt.tabUsePixmap: boolean

       mrxvt.menubarPixmap: file[;geometry]

       mrxvt.scrollbarPixmap: file[;geometry]

       mrxvt.fading: amount

       mrxvt.textShadow: color

       mrxvt.textShadowMode: mode

       mrxvt.tintColor:	color

       mrxvt.shading: amount

       mrxvt.bgType: type

       mrxvt.tintingType: type

       mrxvt.textType: type

       mrxvt.pixmap: file[;geometry]

       mrxvt.tabTitle: name

       mrxvt.syncTabTitle: boolean

       mrxvt.syncTabIcon: boolean

       mrxvt.veryBoldFont: boolean

       mrxvt.hideTabbar: boolean

       mrxvt.bottomTabbar: boolean

       mrxvt.hideButtons: boolean

       mrxvt.saveLines:	number

       mrxvt.vt.foreground: color

       mrxvt.vt.background: color

       mrxvt.vt.pixmap:	file[;geometry]

       mrxvt.vt.tabTitle: name

       mrxvt.vt.saveLines: number

       mrxvt.vt.command: string

       mrxvt.tabShell: boolean

       mrxvt.cmdInitTabs: boolean

       mrxvt.cmdAllTabs: boolean

       mrxvt.protectSecondary: boolean name

       mrxvt.iconName: name

       mrxvt.termName: name

       mrxvt.minBufferWidth: number

       mrxvt.utmpInhibit: boolean

       mrxvt.visualBell: boolean

       mrxvt.mapAlert: boolean

       mrxvt.bellCommand: string

       mrxvt.holdExit: boolean

       mrxvt.holdExitText: string

       mrxvt.desktop: number

       mrxvt.broadcast:	boolean

       mrxvt.borderColor: color

       mrxvt.initTermNumber: number

       mrxvt.backgroundFade: amount

       mrxvt.fading: amount

       mrxvt.colorn: color

       mrxvt.colorBD: color

       mrxvt.colorUL: color

       mrxvt.path: path

       mrxvt.fontName: fontname

       mrxvt.boldFont: fontname

       mrxvt.fontn: fontname

       mrxvt.mfont: fontname

       mrxvt.mfontn: fontname

       mrxvt.xftFont: fontname

       mrxvt.xftmFont: fontname

       mrxvt.xftmSize: number

       mrxvt.xftSlowOutput: boolean

       mrxvt.xftNomFont: boolean

       mrxvt.xft: boolean

       mrxvt.xftAntialias: boolean

       mrxvt.xftHinting: boolean

       mrxvt.xftAutoHint: boolean

       mrxvt.xftGlobalAdvance: boolean

       mrxvt.xftWeight:	light|medium|bold

       mrxvt.xftSlant: roman|italic|oblique

       mrxvt.xftSize: number

       mrxvt.xftWidth: ultracondensed|condensed|normal|expanded|ultraexpended

       mrxvt.xftRGBA: rgb|bgr|vrgb|vbgr|none

       mrxvt.pointerColor: color

       mrxvt.cursorColor: color

       mrxvt.cursorColor2: color

       mrxvt.cursorBlink: boolean

       mrxvt.cursorBlinkInterval: number

       mrxvt.bigFontKey: keysym

       mrxvt.smallFontKey: keysym

       mrxvt.meta8: boolean

       mrxvt.mouseWheelScrollPage: boolean

       mrxvt.disableHotkeys: boolean

       mrxvt.linuxHomeEndKey: boolean

       mrxvt.modifier: keysym

       mrxvt.cutChars: string

       mrxvt.acsChars: string

       mrxvt.answerbackString: string

       mrxvt.printPipe:	string

       mrxvt.selectStyle: old|oldword

       mrxvt.backspaceKey: keysym

       mrxvt.deleteKey:	keysym

       mrxvt.multichar_Encoding: encj|sjis|big5|gb|gbk|kr|noenc

       mrxvt.inputMethod: name

       mrxvt.preeditType: OverTheSpot|OffTheSpot|Root

       mrxvt.greek_Keyboard: iso|ibm

       mrxvt.greekToggle_Key: keysym

       mrxvt.confFileSave: string

       mrxvt.sessionMgt: boolean

       mrxvt.smClientID: string

	      mrxvt*vt0*tabTitle:	  term1
	      mrxvt*vt1*tabTitle:	  term2
	      mrxvt*vt2*tabTitle:	  term3
	      mrxvt*vt0*saveLines:	  600
	      mrxvt*vt1*saveLines:	  600
	      mrxvt*vt2*saveLines:	  600
	      !mrxvt*vt0*Pixmap:	  /home/images/vt0bg.xpm
	      !mrxvt*vt1*Pixmap:	  /home/images/vt1bg.xpm
	      !mrxvt*vt2*Pixmap:	  /home/images/vt2bg.xpm
	      mrxvt*scrollbarStyle:	  next
	      mrxvt*initTermNumber:	  3
	      mrxvt*transparent:	  True
	      mrxvt*transparentScrollbar: False
	      mrxvt*transparentTabbar:	  False
	      mrxvt*transparentMenubar:	  False
	      mrxvt*foreground:		  white
	      mrxvt*background:		  black

	      Put the above lines in your $HOME/.mrxvtrc file or in a configu-
	      ration  file  you	 will load with	-cf option at startup. You can
	      consult to the xdefaults-sample.txt in the  doc/	directory  for
	      more details.

       The actual pathnames given may differ on	your system.

	      System file for login records.

	      Color names.

	      if  enable xgetdefaults at compiled time,	this is	the first con-
	      figuration file read.

	      this  is	the  default  configuration  file  (since  0.3.9).  If
	      presents,	 resources  read  from this file override existing re-

	      this is  the  default  configuration  file  (before  0.3.9).  If
	      presents,	 resources  read  from this file override existing re-

	      if .mrxvtrc and .Xdefaults was not found,	try this one.

       You have	several	default	keyboard shortcuts to ease the use  of	mrxvt.
       The  default gnome-terminal/konsole/rxvt	shortcuts are supported. For a
       list of the default shortcuts, please read the TIPS file	 in  the  doc/

       From  mrxvt  0.3.10, it is also possible	to change the default keyboard
       shortcuts or define new keyboard	shortcuts for certain predefined func-
       tions  via  the configuration file. The format of the keyboard shortcut
       definition is like this:

       mrxvt*hotkey*FuncName:	      Ctrl+Shift+v

       For each	shutcut	definition, you	must define one	or more	of  the	 three
       meta  keys:  `ctrl',  `meta' and	`shft'.	Meta keys are separated	by the
       `+' character. Besides of meta keys, you	must also  define  a  shortcut
       key, like the `v' character in the above	example. The shortcut key also
       is separated from the meta keys by the `+' character. The shortcut  key
       must be the last	field of the definition.  The shortcut definition can-
       not contain any spaces. For some	special	keys, like `Page Up' and `Page
       Dn' on the keyboard, their shortcut keys	are as the following:

       Page Up:	Page_Up
       Page Down: Page_Down
       _: Shift+underscore
       +: Shift+plus

       There  is  a special meta key `primary',	which is not associated	to any
       keys on the keyboard. It	is used	to control the behavior	of a  shortcut
       key.  In	particular, if it is defined for a shortcut key, this shortcut
       key will	be only	effective in the primary screen.  So if	you  are  run-
       ning  certain applications that is using	the second screen, like	mc and
       vi, this	shortcut key is	disabled temporarily.  The  following  example
       defines	Ctrl_v as the shortcut key to paste selection. But it will not
       be effective in vi and mc.

       mrxvt*hotkey*PasteSel:	      Ctrl+Primary+v

       If you define the same keyboard shortcuts for two  or  more  functions,
       the  latest  definition will override the previous definitions. You can
       also define multiple keyboard shortcuts for the same function. But keep
       in mind that there is a limit on	the total number of definitions.  Cur-
       rently it is 4 times the	total number of	available  functions.	(Seri-
       ously,  who  wants  to remember 4 different keyboard shortcuts for each
       function? ;-))

       Sometimes you may want to remove	a default keyboard shortcut. To	do so,
       you  just  need to define the function of the shortcut to `Dummy', like
       the following example.

       mrxvt*hotkey*Dummy:	      Ctrl+Shift+t

       If you want to disable all keyboard shortcuts, enable the  option  dis-
       ableHotkeys  in	the X resource file or -dh in the command line.	If you
       only want to disable all	default	shortcuts, enable the option  -ddh  in
       the command line.

       Notice that keyboard shortcuts definitions are incompatible with	X Win-
       dows own	resource parsing API, i.e., XGetDefaults. So,  to  enable  the
       keyboard	shortcuts, you will need to enable resources but disable xget-
       default when you	configure mrxvt.

       FuncName	specifies the functions	 you  can  control  via	 the  keyboard
       shortcuts. The available	functions are:

       Dummy: clear an existing	keyboard shortcut

       ChangeTitle: change title of the	active tab

       NewTab: create a	new tab

       KillTab:	kill the active	tab

       PrevTab:	activate the left tab

       NextTab:	activate the right tab

       PrevActiveTab: activate the previous active tab

       Tab1: activate the first	tab

       Tab2: activate the second tab, if applicable

       Tab3: activate the third	tab, if	applicable

       Tab4: activate the forth	tab, if	applicable

       Tab5: activate the fifth	tab, if	applicable

       Tab6: activate the sixth	tab, if	applicable

       Tab7: activate the seventh tab, if applicable

       Tab8: activate the eighth tab, if applicable

       Tab9: activate the ninth	tab, if	applicable

       Tab10: activate the tenth tab, if applicable

       Tab11: activate the eleventh tab, if applicable

       Tab12: activate the twelvth tab,	if applicable

       LeftMoveTab: move active	tab to left

       RightMoveTab: move active tab to	right

       DumpScreen: dump	screen of the active tab to printer

       IncOpacity: increase opacity (more transluscent)

       DecOpacity: decrease opacity (less transluscent)

       Transparency: toggle pseudo-transparency

       HideTabbar: hide/show tabbar

       HideScrollbar: hide/show	scrollbar

       HideMenubar: hide/show menubar

       HideButton: hide/show tabbar buttons

       VeryBold: toggle	very bold font for highlight text

       HoldExit: toggle	holding	of quitted children

       Broadcast: toggle broadcasting of input

       SmallFont: switch to smaller font

       LargelFont: switch to larger font

       ScrollUp: scroll	up one line

       ScrollDown: scroll down one line

       ScrollPageUp: scroll up one page

       ScrollPageDown: scroll down one page

       SaveConfig: save	the current configuration

       CopySel:	save terminal selection	into clipboard

       PasteSel: paste text from selection or clipboard

       You  have  several  escape  sequences  to  control  mrxvt.  The default
       rxvt/xterm escape sequences are supported. For a	 list  of  escape  se-
       quences,	please read the	TIPS/xterm.seq files in	the doc/ directory.

       Mrxvt  sets  the	 environment variable ``TERM'' for the window you have
       created.	It also	uses and sets the environment variable ``DISPLAY''  to
       specify which bit map display terminal to use. The environment variable
       ``WINDOWID'' is set to the X window id number of	the mrxvt  window.  It
       also  sets  the environment variable ``COLORTERM'' as the terminal sub-
       name and	indicates its color, and ``COLORFGBG'' as terminal  foreground
       and  background	colors.	  The  environment variable ``MRXVT_TABTITLE''
       records the initial tab title of	each terminal. Notice that  its	 value
       will not	be altered if the user use hotkey or escape sequence to	change
       the tab title. The user must modify it manually after doing that.

       Transparency and	tinting	are global, not	specific to a terminal.
       Off-focus fading	does not work under freetype font.
       This man	page is	not finished

       Terminator _jimmyzhou@users.sourceforge.net_

X Version 11			20 January 2005			      mrxvt(1)


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