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mren(1)			    General Commands Manual		       mren(1)

       mren - rename an	existing MSDOS file

Note of	warning
       This  manpage  has  been	 automatically generated from mtools's texinfo
       documentation, and may not be entirely accurate or complete.   See  the
       end of this man page for	details.

       The  mren  command is used to rename or move an existing	MS-DOS file or
       subdirectory. Its syntax	is:

       mren [-voOsSrRA]	sourcefile targetfile

       Mren renames an existing	file on	an MS-DOS filesystem.

       In verbose mode,	Mren displays the new filename if the name supplied is

       If  the	first  syntax is used (only one	sourcefile), and if the	target
       name doesn't contain any	slashes	or colons, the file (or	 subdirectory)
       is renamed in the same directory, instead of being moved	to the current
       mcd directory as	would be the case with mmove. Unlike the  MS-DOS  ver-
       sion of REN, mren can be	used to	rename directories.

See Also
       Mtools' texinfo doc

Viewing	the texi doc
       This  manpage  has  been	 automatically generated from mtools's texinfo
       documentation. However, this process is only  approximative,  and  some
       items,  such as crossreferences,	footnotes and indices are lost in this
       translation process.  Indeed, these items have no appropriate represen-
       tation  in  the manpage format.	Moreover, not all information has been
       translated into the manpage version.  Thus I strongly advise you	to use
       the original texinfo doc.  See the end of this manpage for instructions
       how to view the texinfo doc.

       *      To generate a printable copy from	the texinfo doc, run the  fol-
	      lowing commands:

		     ./configure; make dvi; dvips mtools.dvi

       *      To generate a html copy,	run:

		     ./configure; make html

	      A	  premade  html	 can  be  found	 at  `

       *      To generate an info copy (browsable  using  emacs'  info	mode),

		     ./configure; make info

       The  texinfo doc	looks most pretty when printed or as html.  Indeed, in
       the info	version	certain	examples are difficult	to  read  due  to  the
       quoting conventions used	in info.

mtools-4.0.10			    10Mar09			       mren(1)

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