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MP3PLOT(1)		      mp3plot User Manual		    MP3PLOT(1)

       mp3plot - creates a plot	of the bitrate distribution of MP3 files

       mp3plot [-i] {input.mp3}

       mp3plot [-g] [-i] {input.mp3} [-p plotter name] [-o output.png]

       mp3plot [{-h | --help} |	{-V | --version}]

       mp3plot creates a plot (textual or graphical) of	the bitrate
       distribution of an MP3 file; i.e. it displays which proportion of the
       audio file uses each of the possible bitrates.

       The plot	can serve e.g. to compare an audio source as encoded by
       different encoders or settings; or to display how the chosen (average)
       bitrate was achieved by the encoder.

       By default the plot is printed to the console. If mp3plot is compiled
       with the	appropriate libraries, it can also create a graphical plot in
       a png image.

       The program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long
       options starting	with two dashes	(`-'). A summary of options is
       included	below.

       [-i] inputfile.mp3, [--input] inputfile.mp3
	   Plot	inputfile.mp3.

	   -i /	--input	is implied if not used (e.g.

	       $ mp3plot -i input.mp3

	   is equivalent to

	       $ mp3plot input.mp3

       -o output.png, --output output.png
	   Save	plot image to output.png.

	   Ignored if the console plotter is used. If omitted will default to
	   the input filename with ".png" appended.

       -g, --image
	   Output to a png image file.

	   By default the png will be named after the mp3 file and placed on
	   the same directory as it, e.g. "/music/some file.mp3" will produce
	   "/music/some	file.mp3.png". Use --output to choose the output

       -p plotter_name,	--named-plotter	plotter_name
	   Choose the plotter with plotter_name.

	   Only	required to hand-pick an image plotter when both GD and	Magick
	   plotters have been compiled in. Use "list" to display a list	of
	   available plotters, e.g.:

	       $ mp3plot -p list

	       Avilable	plotters:
	       * console: textual, printed
	       * magick: graphical, file output
	       * gd: graphical,	file output

	   By default, when a plotter is not explicitly	chosen,	if -g is used
	   an image plotter will be chosen (magick if present, gd otherwise).
	   When	-g isn't used, the console plotter will	be used.

	   console is always available,	while both magick and gd can be
	   included or excluded	at the time of compilation.

	   If a	plotter	not available is requested, mp3plot will exit with an
	   error. e.g. if the Magick module wasn't compiled in:

	       $ mp3plot -p magick


	       mp3plot:	No plotter with	such name available</screen>

       -h, --help
	   Show	summary	of options.

       -V, --version
	   Show	version	of program and extra compilation information
	   (libraries used, their versions, compilation	date and compiler).

       --old-colourscheme, --old-colorscheme
	   Use the older set of	colours	(used up 0.5.0)	for graphical plot

       You can report any bugs to the author at (or visit
       the upstream site for more	details).

       Upstream	site:


       Toni Corvera <>
	   mp3plot author

       Copyright (C) 2007, 2009	Toni Corvera

       Permission is granted to	copy, distribute and/or	modify this document
       under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2 or (at
       your option) any	later version published	by the Free Software

mp3plot				  06/22/2009			    MP3PLOT(1)


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