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MOUNT_NWFS(8)           FreeBSD System Manager's Manual          MOUNT_NWFS(8)

     mount_nwfs -- mount NetWare volume from a NetWare file server

     mount_nwfs [-Chv] -S server -U user [-connection options] -V volume
                [-M mode] [-c case] [-d mode] [-f mode] [-g gid] [-l locale]
                [-n os2] [-u uid] [-w scheme] node
     mount_nwfs [-options] /server:user/volume[/path] node

     The mount_nwfs utility allows to mount volume from a NetWare server.  It
     may use either existing connection or create new: if no usable connection
     was found it will try to establish a new one.  Connection has count of
     references to it, so when last mount will be dismounted connection will
     be closed.  It is possible to create connection without any mounts (but
     use it for them) with ncplogin(1).

     Note two forms of command line.  In the first form, server and user spec-
     ified via -S and -U options respectively.  In the second form server and
     user specified in special part of mount(8) command line arguments (the
     -S, -U and -V options are not used in this case).  This allows use of
     fstab(5) file (see EXAMPLES below).

     The options are:

     -S server
             Name of NetWare server to connect.  For native IP you will need
             also -A option.

     -U user
             Name of user used in login sequence.

     -connection options
             See ncplogin(1) for details.

     -V volume
             Volume name to mount.  Volume name can also be specified after
             all options and before mount-point.

     node    Path to mount volume.

     -c case
             Select a case option which affects on name representation.  Case
             can be one of the following:

             Value    Meaning

             l        All existing file names converted to lower case.  Newly
                      created file gets a lower case under OS2 name space.
                      This is the default when mounting volumes with DOS name

             L        Same as 'l' but file system tries to be case insensi-
                      tive.  May not work well.

             n        No case conversion is performed.  Warning!  Use this
                      option with DOS name space only as a last resort,
                      because creating a lower case name in the DOS name space
                      can lead to unpredictable results.  This is the default
                      when mounting volumes with OS2 name space.

             u        All existing file names converted to upper case.  Newly
                      created file gets an upper case under OS2 name space.

             U        Same as 'u' but file system tries to be case insensi-
                      tive.  May not work well.

     -f mode, -d mode
             Specify permissions that should be assigned to files and directo-
             ries.  The values must be specified as octal numbers.  Default
             value for the file mode is taken from mount point, default value
             for the dir mode adds execute permission where the file mode
             gives read permission.

             Note that these permissions can differ from the rights granted by
             NetWare server.

     -n namespace
             Do not use namespace.  Currently only OS2 can be here.

     -v      Print version number.

     -u uid, -g gid
             User id and group id assigned to files.  The default is owner and
             group id from directory where volume is mounted.

     -l locale
             Set the locale for case conversion.  By default mount_nwfs tries
             to use an environment variable LC_*.

     -w scheme
             Select a scheme used to convert file names between NetWare and
             FreeBSD.  Supported conversion schemes are:

             asis       Characters passed as is without any alteration.

             koi2cp866  koi8-r <-> CP866

             se         Suits for setups used in Sweden.

     -M mode
             See ncplogin(1) for details.  If this option is omitted, connec-
             tion permissions assumed the same as directory mode (-d) option.

     ~/.nwfsrc      keeps static parameters for connections and other informa-
                    tion.  See /usr/share/examples/nwclient/dot.nwfsrc for

     Before any NCP connection can be established kernel must be configured
     for IPX support, IPXrouted and KLD nwfs.ko should be loaded.

     Next examples illustrates how to connect to NetWare server nwserv as user
     GUEST and mount volumes SYS and VOL1:

           mount_nwfs -S nwserv -U guest -V sys /nw/s1/sys
           mount_nwfs /nwserv:guest/sys /nw/s1/sys
           mount -t nwfs /nwserv:guest/vol1 /nw/s1/vol1
           mount -t nwfs /nwserv:boris/sys/home/boris /home/boris/nw/home

     The last example mounts only subdirectory on a volume and equivalent to
     NetWare 'map root' command.

     It is possible to use fstab(5) for nwfs mounts:

           /nwserv:guest/sys       /nw/s1/sys     nwfs  rw,noauto 0   0
           /nwserv:guest/vol1      /nw/s1/vol2    nwfs  rw,noauto 0   0

     The mount_nwfs utility first appeared in FreeBSD 4.0.

     In development of NetWare client for FreeBSD, the following sources were

     Documentation from NetWare NDK.

     Ncpfs for Linux - written by Volker Lendecke
     <>.  He granted me permission to publish
     parts of his code under BSD-style license,

     "Interrupt List" from Ralf Brown,

     Many files from /sys directory.

     Boris Popov <>, <>

     to number a few

FreeBSD 6.2                    October 14, 1999                    FreeBSD 6.2


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