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MOINMOINCLI(1)		FreeBSD	General	Commands Manual		MOINMOINCLI(1)

     moinmoincli -- edit existing MoinMoin wiki	pages from a command line

     moinmoincli [-hquv] [-f textfile] [-n username] [-t target] [selector]

     moinmoincli is an interactive utility to edit existing MoinMoin wiki
     pages from	a command line.	 moinmoincli was only tested with the FreeBSD
     Wiki which	is using the MoinMoin engine.  The FreeBSD Wiki	address	is
     also hard-coded into moinmoincli as the default web service the utility
     works with.

     moinmoincli cannot	create new wiki	pages.

     When moinmoincli is run in	order to update	a wiki page, a diff is pre-
     sented to the user	to confirm the changes.	 It is done by providing a
     comment describing	the changes.  Next, a summary and the action menu is
     displayed.	 The summary includes the username, the	target,	the comment,
     and the text file name.  Actions that could be entered at the action menu
     prompt are	described in the ACTION	MENU subsection.  Once the user	con-
     firms requested changes to	be processed, the password prompt is presented
     to	the user.

   Command-line	options
     The options are as	follows:

     -f	textfile, --file textfile
		    Point to the Ar textfile that is going to be sent to the

     -h, --help	    Show help.

     -n	username, --name username
		    Set	the username to	log in as.

     -q, --quick    Activate the quick mode, which disables the	action menu.
		    As a result	the changes will be uploaded once a comment is
		    entered by the user.

     -t	target,	--target target
		    Provide the	name of	the wiki page to be updated, e.g.:
		    "/WiFi/80211ac".  A	hyperlink is acceptable	as well, e.g.:

     -u, --update   Download the contents of the target	wiki page and put them
		    into the

     -v, --version  Show version.

     selector	    Run	moinmoincli as preconfigured for a given selector.

		    Selectors are used if the select_target() function is de-
		    fined in the configuration file (defaults are listed in
		    the	FILES section).	 A single selector is associated with
		    a target and a textfile.  As a result it is	possible to
		    use	selectors to replace "moinmoincli -f ./80211ac.moin -t
		    /WiFi/80211ac" with	"moinmoincli ac" using an ac selector.

   Action menu
     The following actions could be entered at the action menu prompt one ac-
     tion at a time:

     y,	k  Confirm changes.  The action	menu will be closed and	the changes
	   uploaded to the server.

     n,	a  Abort.  Close moinmoincli immediately.

     t	   Mark	changes	as trivial so that subscribers to the modified wiki
	   page	are not	notified.

     c	   Change the comment.

     d	   Show	the diff.

     s	   Print the summary.

     ~/.moinmoincli.conf     The moinmoincli configuration file.
			     The location of temporary files.

   Example 1: Downloading Wiki Pages
     Download the code of and save it
     under ./dogs.moinmoin:

	   $ moinmoincli --file	./dogs.moinmoin	--target /Community/Dogs --update

   Example 2: Uploading	Wiki Pages
     Write ./sandbox.txt to as

	   $ moinmoincli -n CharlieRoot	-f ./sandbox.txt -t /WikiSandBox

   Example 3: Suggested	Workflow
     1.	  Configure ~/.moinmoincli.conf	so that	it is not necessary to specify
	  the username,	the text file name and the target website every	time.
	  Use selectors	for that.

     2.	  Grab the latest version of the wiki page with	a selector:

		$ moinmoincli -u selectorYouHaveConfigured

     3.	  Edit the text	file.

     4.	  Push the changes over	to the wiki server with:

		$ moinmoincli selectorYouHaveConfigured

 Configuration File
   # The username to use when logging in.

   # The password for the account.

   # The default target.
   # It	is used	unless a selector or the -t flag is used.

   # The default textfile.

   # The select_target function, which defines the logic behind
   # selectors.
   select_target() {
       case "$1" in
	       printf '%s\n' "invalid selector '$1'" >&2

     moinmoincli and its manual	page was written by Mateusz Piotrowski

FreeBSD	13.0			 May 26, 2019			  FreeBSD 13.0


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