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MKSUNBOOTCD(8)		  BSD System Manager's Manual		MKSUNBOOTCD(8)

     mksunbootcd -- combine filesystem for Sun Microsystems, Inc. computers
     for creating bootable compact discs images.

     mksunbootcd [-c cylsz] [-d] [-v] filesystem sun4 sun4c sun4m sun3|sun4d

     The mksunbootcd program combines filesystem partitions for	Sun Microsys-
     tems, Inc.	computers into an image	suitable for writing to	a compact
     disc, that	will allow the disc to be booted on the	sun3, sun3x, sun4,
     sun4c, sun4m and sun4u platforms.	This hardware is supported by the
     NetBSD sparc, sparc64 and sun3 ports.  The	architecture arguments above
     must be the bootable filesystem images for	the named architecture.
     filesystem	is typically an	iso9660	filesystem, see	mount_cd9660(8)	for
     details, but can be any type as long as the first 512 bytes of the	image
     are not used.  This image is modified, and	the additional partitions
     added after this partition, in order.  If any architecture	image is miss-
     ing, that partition is not	used.  If a disc with sun4 and sun4m support
     only was to be created, a dummy image would need to be in place for

     If	the same boot image maybe used for multiple architectures (as the Net-
     BSD/sparc ports for sun4, sun4c and sun4m allow), the same	bootfile can
     be	listed multiple	times on the command line.  The	mksunbootcd program
     will detect this and only write one copy of the boot image.

     For the UltraSPARC	line of	computers, the PROM decodes a file in the
     first partition of	the CD-ROM, which must be an ISO9660 file-system,
     called .slicemapfile.  The	format of this file is an "m" followed by a
     partition number, starting	at offset 0, plus an architecture identifier,
     such as "sun4c" or	"sun4u".  The UltraSPARC uses the "sun4u" partition as
     it's boot partition.  An example file that	would be compatible with older
     hardware would look like:

	     m	     1	     sun4
	     m	     2	     sun4c
	     m	     3	     sun4m
	     m	     4	     sun4d
	     m	     5	     sun4u

     As	such, to enable	UltraSPARC booting, such a file	must be	present	on the
     image before mksunbootcd adds bootable partitions to the image.

     The following options are available:

     -c	  The -c option	sets cylinder size for this cd to cylsz, which must be
	  a multiple of	4.  The	default	cylinder size is 640.

     -d	  The -d option	turns on debugging output.

     -v	  The -v option	turns on verbose output.

     The mksunbootcd program was written by Ignatios Souvatzis <is@net->, with some help from Matthew Green <>, who also
     wrote this	manual page.

     newfs(8), mount(8), mount_ffs(8).

BSD			       January 14, 1999				   BSD


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