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MKD-EXTENSIONS(7)  FreeBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual  MKD-EXTENSIONS(7)

     mkd-extensions -- Extensions to the Markdown text formatting syntax

     This version of markdown has been extended	in a few ways by extending ex-
     isting markup, creating new markup	from scratch, and borrowing markup
     from other	markup languages.

   Image dimensions
     Markdown embedded images have been	extended to allow specifying the di-
     mensions of the image by adding a new argument =/height/x/width/ to the
     link description.

     The new image syntax is
	  ![alt	text](image =/height/x/width/ "title")

     Five pseudo-protocols have	been added to links

     id:    The	alt text is marked up and written to the output, wrapped with
	    _a id=id_ and _/a_.

	    The	alt text is marked up and written to the output, wrapped with
	    _span class=class_ and _/span_.

     raw:   The	title is written -- with no further processing -- to the out-
	    put.  The alt text is discarded.

     abbr:  The	alt text is marked up and written to the output, wrapped with
	    _abbr title=abbr_ and _/abbr_.

     lang:  The	alt text s marked up and written to the	output,	wrapped	with
	    _span lang=lang_ and _/span_.

   Pandoc headers
     The markdown source document can have a 3-line Pandoc header in the for-
     mat of
	 % title
	 % author(s)
	 % date
     which will	be made	available to the mkd_doc_title(), mkd_doc_author(),
     and mkd_doc_date()	functions.

   Definition lists
     A definition list item is defined as
     (that is a	=, followed by text, another =,	a newline, 4 spaces of intent,
     and then more text.)

     Alternatively, definition list items are defined as
     : description
     (This is the format that PHP Markdown Extra uses.)

   embedded stylesheets
     Stylesheets may be	defined	and modified in	a _style_ block.   A style
     block is parsed like any other block level	html; _style_ starting on col-
     umn 1, raw	html (or, in this case,	css) following it, and either ending
     with a _/style_ at	the end	of the line or a _/style_ at the beginning of
     a subsequent line.

     Be	warned that style blocks work like footnote links -- no	matter where
     you define	them they are valid for	the entire document.

   alpha lists
     Alphabetic	lists (like regular numeric lists, but with alphabetic items)
     are supported.    So:
	 a. this
	 b. is
	 c. an alphabetic
	 d. list
     will produce:
	 <ol type=a>
	 <li>an	alphabetic</li>

     PHP Markdown Extra	tables are supported;  input of	the form
	  text | text
     will produce:
     The dashed	line can also contain :	characters for formatting;  if a : is
     at	the start of a column, it tells	discount to align the cell contents to
     the left;	if it's	at the end, it aligns right, and if there's one	at the
     start and at the end, it centers.

     A strikethrough syntax is supported in much the same way that ` is	used
     to	define a section of code.   If you enclose text	with two or more
     tildes, such as ~~erased text~~ it	will be	written	as _del_erased
     text_/del_.  Like code sections, you may use as many ~ as you want, but
     there must	be as many starting tildes as closing tildes.

   markdown extra-style	footnotes
     PHP Markdown Extra	footnotes are supported.   If a	footnote link begins
     with a ^, the first use of	that footnote will generate a link down	to the
     bottom of the rendered document, which will contain a numbered footnote
     with a link back to where the footnote was	called.

     David Parsons

     markdown(1), markdown(3), mkd-callbacks(3), mkd-functions(3),

MASTODON			 Dec 22, 2007			      MASTODON


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