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MKPROBE(1)		    General Commands Manual		    MKPROBE(1)

       mkProbe	-  script  file	 used to generate a Data Probe or Part 21 file
       reader executable for an	EXPRESS	schema.

       mkProbe [ -ilsSpP ] [ -R	pdes-root ] [ -E express-path  ]  express-file

       mkProbe	enables	 you  to create	a C++ library based on an EXPRESS file
       and an executable Data Probe or Part 21 file  reader  application.  The
       Data  Probe allows you to examine, input, and modify a data file	corre-
       sponding	to an EXPRESS schema.  The Data	Probe generated	is specific to
       the  express-file  given	 as the	first argument in the mkProbe command.
       The Part	21 file	reader simply reads and	writes a Part 21 file and out-
       puts any	errors encountered in the file.

       The  schema-name	 argument  designates a	location in which to place the
       executable.  The	directory selected (see	OPTIONS	below) is searched for
       the  schema  name provided.  If schema-name does	not exist, a directory
       will be created using the name provided.	 schema-name is	also used as a
       suffix for the name of the executable.

       A  new  directory  is created under the directory from which the	script
       was run.	 exp2cxx is called from	this directory	to  generate  the  C++
       classes	to  represent  the schema information (a.k.a. the Schema Class

       The new directory contains the following:

       1) the source code for the C++ classes generated	by exp2cxx using
       the first argument,

       2) the object files generated from the source code above,

       3) the library created from the object files above,

       4) your new Data	Probe executable (or p21read if	the -p option was

	  i.e. under the directory from	which the
	  script was run you will find the
	  following executable:

	      (or {schema-name}/p21read_{schema-name})

       -i     Indicates	that the new Data Probe	should be installed  into  the
	      PDES  root directory.  If	-i is not specified the	new Data Probe
	      will be created in the directory from which the  mkProbe	script
	      is run.

       -l     Tells  the  script  to only generate the library for the schema,
	      and not to create	the Data Probe application.

       -P     Tells the	script to generate the Part 21	file  reader  for  the
	      schema, rather than the Data Probe application.

       -S     Tells exp2cxx to use only	single-inheritance, rather than	multi-
	      ple inheritance.

       -R pdes_root
	      Set the PDES root	directory.  This is the	directory that mkProbe
	      will consider the	root of	the source tree.

	      The  PDES	 root directory	can also be defined by the environment
	      variable PDES_ROOT.  This	variable should	be set using  the  ap-
	      propriate	 shell command.	 For example, C	shell users would give
	      the command

		   setenv PDES_ROOT ~pdes

	      If the -r	option is not given,  and  the	PDES_ROOT  environment
	      variable	is not set, mkProbe looks for the directory /proj/pde-
	      vel to use as the	root.

       -E express-path
	      Specifies	an EXPRESS_PATH	environment variable to	be  used  when
	      exp2cxx  is  executed  in	 mkProbe.   If this option is not set,
	      mkProbe will use the current EXPRESS_PATH	environment  variable.
	      For  more	information, see the documentation on the NIST EXPRESS

	      The Express file used to create the schema specific Data Probe.

	      A	schema name which is used for naming a new directory  and  the
	      Data Probe executable.

       Input command line		 location and name
       mkProbe part41.exp pt41		 ./pt41/dp_pt41
       mkProbe -p part41.exp pt41	 ./pt41/p21read_pt41
       mkProbe -i part41.exp pt41	 $PDES_ROOT/arch/Probes/pt41/dp_pt41

       If errors are detected, the output generated shows the following:

		  - Errors in input

		  - Compilation	errors

       If no errors are	encountered, the output	generated shows	the following:

		  - The	name of	the new	Data Probe generated

		  - Instructions for running Data Probe


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